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Jacob Buchan
AGE: 12 up

Daniel, who has just had his bar mitzvah, is having a tough year and has to deal with several challenges and difficulties. He tries to join a popular group at school, struggles for social recognition against the most "in" boy in his class, and is in a car accident; his schoolmates take advantage of his talent for writing and demand that he write their papers for them. In addition, he is haunted by a secret concerning his father's absence. Then his mother suddenly decides to move the family to the USA.
However, Daniel does not accept the move without a fight - he is deeply in love with a girl in his class named Gabriela. An incurable romantic, he stows away on a ship traveling back to Israel and returns home a hero to be reunited with the girl he loves. And when he gets back, the secret that has bothered him for so long is finally resolved. Throughout this complex year, Daniel learns a lot about himself, about friendship, the power and deception of love, and the force of sexual attraction.

Buchan Gabriela
Title Gabriela
Author’s Last Name Buchan
Author's First Name Jacob
Genre youth
Publisher (Hebrew) Sifriat Poalim
Year of Publication (Hebrew) 2009
No. Pages 208 pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Gavriela
Representation Represented by ITHL