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Netalie Gvirtz

Netalie Gvirtz was born in Tel Aviv in 1980. After studying scriptwriting, she became an illustrator and graphic designer. She also co-founded the music club "HaPatiphone" as well as the independent music label, Fast Music. Snails on the Highway is her first novel. Her book for children, Yolanda De Meow, was awarded the Devorah Omer Prize in 2017.

Netalie Gvirtz

Books Published in Hebrew

Snails on the Highway (novel) , Am Oved, 2008 [Chelzonot Al Ha-Kvish Ha-Mahir]
Summer Camp Dreams Come True (Owls Series, 1) [with Bar Ben-Yossef] (children), Keter, 2017 [Ha-Kaytana Le-Hagshamat Chalomot (Yanshufot 1)]
Yolanda De Meow (children-picture bk), Sifriat Poalim, 2017 [Yolanda De Meow]
The Most Closely Guarded Recipe in the Kingdom (Owls Series, 2) [with Bar Ben-Yossef] (children), Keter, 2017 [Ha-Matkon Ha-Sodi Be-Yoter Ba-Mamlacha (Yanshufot 2)]

Books in Translation