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And Yael Too

Nira Harel
AGE: 4-7

This series of twelve stories revolves around similar themes and concerns the same cast of characters, so the collection can be read in parts or as a whole. Each story describes an inner problem faced by a small child, with its practical and charming solution. Though Harel addresses themes that are often painful, her down-to-earth solutions and playful tone make this a cheerful and delightful book. Any small child can identify with the small troubles the characters learn to deal with: two friends who quarrel and then reconcile, a girl who must wait for her birthday to get the doll she longs for. In one story, a father tells his son that it is wonderful to be a child; the boy disagrees, but he also understands why his father thinks so. This kind of empathy might seem like too much to expect from such a young child, but the easygoing tone of the story suggests that it is natural and obvious. It is precisely this kind of optimism and responsiveness that accounts for the tales’ good-natured charm. These are ideal bedtime stories for small children.

Illustrations: Tania Reutman

Harel And Yael Too
Title And Yael Too
Author’s Last Name Harel
Author's First Name Nira
Genre children
Publisher (Hebrew) Yedioth Ahronoth
Year of Publication (Hebrew) 1995
No. Pages 47 pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Gam Yael
Representation Represented by ITHL


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