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Yehudit Hendel

Yehudit Hendel (1921-2014) was born in Warsaw, Poland, into a rabbinic family, and immigrated to Haifa as a child in 1930. She moved to Tel Aviv in 1980 and lived there until her death. A well-known author, Hendel published novels, collections of short stories and non-fiction works. Many of her works have been adapted for stage, screen, radio and TV; her novels and stories have been translated into many languages. Hendel received several literary prizes, including the Asher Barash Prize (1954), the Prime Minister's Prize twice (1976; 1998), the ACUM Prize (1978) the Agnon-Jerusalem Prize (1989), the Neuman Prize (1995), the Bialik Prize (1996) and the Israel Prize for Lifetime Achievement (2003).

Yehudit Hendel

Books in Translation

English: New York, Herzl Press, 1963; London, Thomas Yoseloff, 1964
Italian: Naples, Guida, 2001
English: Hanover, NH, Univ. of  New England Press, 2002
Polish: Cracow, PIW, 2009

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