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Selected Poems

Miron C. Izakson
Miron C. Izakson, one of a group of young religious poets who emerged in 1980s, has in the past twenty years established himself as a highly regarded poet. His religious orientation has not alienated secular poetry enthusiasts - in fact, quite the opposite. His poetry combines associations drawn from Jewish texts with contemporary situations and conflicts. "I live in close proximity to the world of chaos," Izakson once said in an interview. "There are times of great confusion, and states of mind that are heard to bear. I take nothing for granted." His poems focus on the stable frameworks of life: home, family, couplehood, fatherhood, the religious way of life and the difficulty of maintaining it. Keeping the balance demands constant effort, and Izakson`s poems express this with deep understanding and courage.

Easy Pockets

The stream is a stranger to the mud
For its sand is different
Though the land doesn`t know.

The stream is a stranger to the depths
Because its virtues flow
Powerless at rock bottom.

The stream is a stranger to a man like me
Though I betake me there
To see myself immersed and trouble- free.

And so I`ll use these pockets
That are easy with the weight of my stones:
Why plunge to a stranger depth.
                                                        Trans. Betsy Rosenberg

In the landscape of contemporary Israeli poetry, Miron Izakson is unique.

Izakson is the most interesting among the religious poets that appeared in the 1980s. He reached a peak in Banning Her Caress. Read this moving and original collection from start to finish to enjoy it to the full.

Izakson`s unique language is his shield. It allows him to toy with pressing and intense emotions... this is his major contribution to Hebrew poetry.
Makor Rishon

Izakson`s poetry offers truly original insights.

Izakson Selected Poems
Title Selected Poems
Author’s Last Name Izakson
Author's First Name Miron C.
Language(s) English, French, Norwegian, Spanish
Genre poetry
Publisher (Hebrew) Hakibbutz Hameuchad
Year of Publication (Hebrew) 2007
No. Pages 367 pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Mivchar Ve-Shirim Chadashim
Representation Represented by ITHL


Norwegian: Oslo, Solum Forlag, 2004
French: Paris, Ed. Caracteres, 2008
French: Montrouge, StavNet / Levant, 2015  
English: New York & London, Toby Press, 2011
Spanish: Madrid, Verbum, 2015  

French: Paris, Levant, 2019



Selected Poems [with Na'im Araidy] 
French: Paris, Stavit, 2003

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