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Eran Bar-Gil
The novel describes the lives of identical twins whose mother abandoned them immediately after their birth, when they were handed over for adoption to two different families. Each one grows up as an only child, unaware of the existence of his twin until fate brings them together. Danny, who grew up in Tel Aviv, displays musical talent from early on. His parents send him to study the violin and he later becomes a violinist in the philharmonic orchestra. He invests all his energy in improving his technique, but has difficulty expressing his emotional world. Yoni grows up in a small town close to a horse farm. In his free time he hones his riding skills as he prepares for the national horse races. Despite their different surroundings, the twins` personalities are very similar: they both practice hard in their chosen field, and aspire to technical perfection. One day, when 16-year-old Danny visits the horse farm with his violin, he meets Yoni on his horse. This encounter is the novel`s dramatic and emotional climax, but the twins decide to keep their discovery a secret.
The story is told in two voices and covers two periods of time: before the twins’ meeting and many years later. Danny leads the life of a single young man; he faces a defining moment when he is to appear for the first time as a soloist playing Beethoven`s Violin Concerto. A short time before his performance, his adoptive mother calls to tell him that his father has disappeared. Yoni`s story focuses on his adolescence and tells the tale of a gang of tough, problematic youngsters, one of whom is bent on taking revenge on another who is suspected of rape. Yoni later becomes a police dog trainer, and when Danny needs help, his twin sees him through. With his police dog, Yoni sets out to search for Danny`s lost father and finds him, confused and suffering from amnesia, in an abandoned building. Sprawled out next to him is a drug addict, and Yoni is astounded to recognize the addict, now a ruin, as a friend from his past.

Bar-Gil Horseshoe and Violin


German: Berlin, Rowohlt Berlin, 2008; pback: 2009; ebook: forthcoming
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