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Nobody Said it Was Going to Be Fun [with Rutu Modan]

Etgar Keret
Graphic Novel

Etgar Keret and Rutu Modan set sophisticated new standards in the graphic novel world. Nobody Said it Was Going to Be Fun presents thought-provoking visual stories in a light, witty manner enhanced by Rutu Modan's colorful and engaging drawings. Despite the basic thread of ironic humor that runs through it, the world is depicted as a nasty place in which cruel and harsh rules prevail. All the protagonists try to realize one fantastic dream after another, but are inevitably doomed to failure. Innovative text and graphics combine to provide a surprising twist at the end of each quest. In the opening story a psychopathic summer camp is the backdrop for a naive romance between a girl and boy. Their touching love survives all the physical and mental tortures of the camp, only to disintegrate later when they return to the boring trivias of their everyday lives.

Humor is an essential part of Keret’s native landscape, which he has marked with his inimitable fingerprint. He is a person blowing up a balloon, knowing that there is a final exhalation which will make it burst... Rutu Modan's pictures are not just illustrations. She tells the story from the viewpoint of her brush.
Poet Ronny Someck

Those who know how to appreciate the aesthetics of drawing and of street language, exceptionally accurate parodic humor and true street smarts - will love this book.
Iton Tel Aviv

Keret Nobody Said it Was Going to Be Fun
Title Nobody Said it Was Going to Be Fun, with Rutu Modan
Author’s Last Name Keret
Author's First Name Etgar
Language(s) Hebrew
Genre graphic novels
Publisher (Hebrew) Keter
Year of Publication (Hebrew) 1996
No. Pages 72 pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Lo Banu Lehenot


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