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Dov Kimche

Dov Kimche (1889-1961) was born in Yaslo, Galicia. He became an ardent Zionist and immigrated to pre-state Israel in 1908. He settled in Jerusalem and taught at the city`s Rehaviah High School from 1912 until his retirement. Kimche made his literary debut in the journal Ha-Mizpeh in 1905. After his arrival in Jerusalem, he began writing novels, short stories and essays; he was also active as a translator. His fiction covers a wide range of settings – from his native Galicia, through Western Europe, to pre-state Israel. In addition to several works on the Bible, two collections of essays and numerous translations, Kimche published anthologies of world literature and Israeli stories.

Dov Kimche

Books Published in Hebrew

On the Edge of Nothing (novel), Miklat, 1920 [Al Belimah]
Fords (novel), Stiebel, 1923 [Maʹabarot]
The Book of Destruction (novella), Zutot, 1926; Dfus Ha-Sefer, 1930; Dvir, 2008 [Sefer Ha-Kilionot]
Yesterday Evening (novel), Ktuvim, 1927 [Emesh]
Sleepwalker, On the Mountain (stories), Ginzburg, 1927 [Saharuri, Be-Harim]
Little Stories, Mizpeh, 1928 [Sipurim Ketanim]
Nikaso (novella), Zutot, 1928 [Nikaso]
The End (novellas), Zutot, 1929 [Aharit]
Citron (stories), Ofer, 1930 [Etrogim]
On the Seven Seas (novel), Stiebel, 1934 [Al Shivʹah Yamim]
Little Essays, Reuven Mass, 1938 [Sefer Masot Ktanot]
Ten Stories, Achiasaf, 1941 [Asarah Sipurim]
Paintings from a Forgotten World (stories), Lustigman, 1943 [Tziurim Me-Olam Nishkah]
The House of Hefetz (novel) , Bialik Institute, 1951; Hakibbutz Hameuchad/ Siman Kriah, 1993 [Beit Hefetz]
Writers (essays), Sreberk, 1953 [Sofrim]
Selected Stories, Achiasaf, 1955 [Mivhar Sipurim]
Citron and Other Stories, Tarmil, 1982 [Etrogim Ve-Sipurim Aherim]

Books in Translation

German: Berlin, Berlin Verlag, 1997; pback: Munich, Droemer, 2001

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