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Ephraim Kishon

Ephraim Kishon (1924-2005), one of Israel's best-loved writers abroad, was born in Hungary. He studied sculpture and painting and later wrote for the Hungarian stage as well as publishing humorous essays. He immigrated to Israel in 1949 and started publishing in Hebrew two years later. The feature films, Sallah Shabati and Blaumilch Canal, which he wrote, directed and produced, were distributed worldwide. His play,The Marriage Contract, had one of the longest runs ever in Israeli theater, and his sketches and plays have been performed on stage as well as on TV in many countries. Kishon published 42 books for adults and eight children's books. His work has been published in almost 40 languages. Kishon was awarded the Bundesverdienstkreuz, First Class, Germany's highest award for literature (1990), the Bialik Prize (1998), the Israel Prize for Lifetime Achievement (2002) and the Publishers Association's Gold and Platinum Prizes for My Family Right or Wrong (2002; 2004).

Ephraim Kishon

Books Published in Hebrew

Immigrant Upon Us, Alexander, 1951 [Ha-Oleh Ha-Yored Le-Hayenu]
His Name Precedes Him, Twersky, 1953 [Shmo Holech Lefanav]
A Thousand and One Kids, Twersky, 1954 [Elef Gadyiah Ve-Gadyiah]
Ein-Kmunim (novel) Karmi/Naor, 1955 [Ein Kemunim]
Black on White, Twersky, 1956 [Shahor Al Gabei Lavan]
It Could Be Worse, Twersky, 1957 [Lo Norah]
It All Depends, Twersky, 1961 [Hacol Talui]
The Marriage Contract, Twersky, 1961 [Ha-Ketuba]
One of Those Yesterdays, Twersky, 1962 [Be-Ehad Ha-Emeshim]
He and She, Twersky, 1963 [Hu Ve-Hi]
Bending Over Backwards, Twersky, 1965 [Shminiot Ba-Avir]
Unplug It, the Water is Boiling, Twersky, 1965 [Totzi Et Ha-Shteker, Ha-Mayim Rotehim]
Short Pieces, Twersky, 1965 [Ma`arachonim]
A Pain in the Neck, Twersky, 1967 [Etzem Ba-Garon]
Oh, Literary Critics, Twersky, 1969 [Gozmim, Gozmim]
For It, The Defense Ministry, 1970 [Be`ad]
The Fox in the Chicken House (novel), Am Oved, 1972 [Ha-Shual Be-Lul Ha-Tarnegolot]
25 x Kishon, The Defense Ministry, 1973 [Kishon x 25]
This Is the Land (easy Hebrew), New York, Gesher, 1974 [Zohi Ha`aretz]
Hebrew With Kishon, New York, Gesher, 1975 [Ivrit Im Kishon]
So Sorry We Won, Maariv, 1967 [Sliha She-Nitzahnu]
Woe to the Victors, Maariv, 1969 [Oy La-Menatzhim]
A Hole in the Curtain, Maariv, 1973 [Hor Ba-Masach]
Oh, Oh, Juliet!, Maariv, 1974 [Ho,Ho Julia]
Half-Assed Forever, Maariv, 1974; new ed. as: Wonderland without Alice, Yedioth Ahronoth, 2004 [Partachia Ahuvati]
Six Comedies, Maariv, 1977 [Shesh Comediot]
A Smile in the Drought, Maariv, 1978 [Hiyuch Ba-Batzoret]
My Family Right or Wrong, Maariv, 1980; Yedioth Ahronoth, 2002; 2014 [Sefer Mishpachti]
Travel Log, Maariv, 1988; new ed. as: The Seasick Whale, Yedioth Ahronoth, 2003; 2014 [Sefer Ha-Masa'ot]
First Book of Satire, Maariv, 1989; new ed. as: Redihead in Key-Ring, Yedioth Ahronoth, 2002 [Sefer Ha-Satirot Ha-Rishon]
Second Book of Satire, Maariv, 1990 [Sefer Ha-Satirot Ha-Sheni]
Arbinkaʹs Story, Maariv, 1991; new ed. as: Arbinka, Yedioth Ahronoth, 2007 [Sipur Arbinka]
Third Book of Satire, Maariv, 1992 [Sefer Ha-Satirot Ha-Shelishi]
The Knitted Kippah, Bet-El, 1993 [Ha-Kippah Ha-Serugah]
Kishon: Biographic Dialogue [with Yaron London], Maariv, 1993; Keter, 2017 [Kishon Du-Siach Biographi; Kishon: Shmo Holech Lefanav]
58 Short Pieces by Ephraim Kishon, Maariv, 1995 [58 Ma`arachonim Shel Efraim Kishon]
The Bald Truth (novel) , Hed Artzi, 1998 [Saʹir, La-Azazel]
Stateʹs Witness (feuilletons), Hed Artzi, 1999 [Ed Ha-Medina]
Picassoʹs Sweet Revenge (non-fiction), Yedioth Ahronoth, 2004 [Nikmato Ha-Metuka Shel Picasso]
The Fatherhood Process of Joseph (play), Yedioth Ahronoth, 2005 [Mishpat Ha-Abahut Shel Ha-Nagar Yosef]
Kishon, Right or Wrong (stories), Yedioth Ahronoth, 2014 [Sefer Kishoni]
Uncles On Strings, Maariv, 1981 [Dodim Al Hutim]
Those Were Jonathan`s Travels, Maariv, 1981 [Ele Masaot Yonatan]
Striped Chewing Gum, Maariv, 1981; Modan/Arieh Nir, 1995 [Mastik Im Pasim]
We Won the Trophy, Maariv, 1981; Modan/Arieh Nir, 1995 [Ha-Gavia Hu Shelanu]
The Unfinished Adventure, Maariv, 1981; Modan/Arieh Nir, 1995 [Ha-Harpatkah Ha-Bilti Gemurah]
The War of the Ants, Maariv, 1981; Modan/Arieh Nir, 1995 [Milhemet Ha-Nemalim]
The Taming of the Shrewish Dog , Modan/Arieh Nir, 1995 [Iluf Ha-Kalbah Ha-Soreret]
Hercules and the Seven Dwarfs (children) , Maariv, 1981; rev. ed. Modan / Aryeh Nir, 1995 [Hercules Ve-Shivat Ha-Gamadim]
His Name Precedes Him (Habimah, 1953)
You`re Telling Me (Hamatateh, 1954)
Black on White (Habimah, 1956)
The Poor Man`s Lamb (Batzal Yarok, 1958)
Not a Word to Morgenstern (Batzal Yarok, 1959)
A Cat in the Bag (Batzal Yarok, 1960)
The Marriage Contract (Ohel, 1961)
Unplug It, the Water is Boiling (Cameri, 1965)
The Swindler (Cameri Ensamble, 1967)
Oh, Oh Juliet! (Habimah, 1973)
Salah Shabati (Habimah, 1988)

Books in Translation

Hungarian: Budapest, Magyar Konyvklub, 1997
German: Munich, Langen Muller, 1998

The books below are selected stories; they do not coincide with Kishon`s titles in Hebrew

Tirane, Shtepia Botuese, 1994, 1998

Varna, Georgi Bakalov, 1979
Plovdiv, Hristo G. Danov, 1981
Sofia, Shalom, 1992
Sofia, Trud, 2000

Shanghai, Wenhui Publishing House, 2004

Zagreb, Hena Com, 2001; 2003; 2004
Belgrade, Book Marso, 2004

Prague: Dilia, 1965
Zurich, Konfrontace, 1981
Zurich, Konfrontace, 1984
Prague, Nakladatelstvi, 1990
Prague, Konsultace, 1991
Prague, Kadel, 1993
Prague, Kadel, 1993
Prague, Kadel, 1995
Prague, Talpress,1996
Prague, Talpress,1997
Prague, Talpress,1997
Prague, Talpress,1997
Prague, Odeon, 1998
Prague, Odeon, 1999
Prague, ASA, 2000
Prague, Nakladatelstvi Lidove Noviny, 2003; 2004; 2005
Prague, Epocha, 2003

Copenhagen, Fremad: 1962
Copenhagen, Samlerens, 1978
Copenhagen, Samlerens, 1978

Amsterdam, Der Arbeiderspers
Amsterdam, De Arbeiderspers,1963
Amsterdam, De Arbeiderspers,1963
Amsterdam, Arbeiderspers,1965
Amsterdam, Der Arbeiderspers,1968
Amsterdam, Der Arbeiderspers,1971
Amsterdam, Arbeiderspers,1973
Amsterdam, Salamander, 1973
Amsterdam, De Bilt,1975
Baarn, Fontein,1975
Utrecht, A.W. Bruna & Zoons,1977
Utrecht, A.W. Bruna & Zoons,1977
Utrecht, A.W. Bruna & Zoons,1978
Utrecht, A.W. Bruna & Zoons,1978
Utrecht, Bruna & Zoon,1978
Utrecht, Bruna & Zoon,1980
Utrecht, A.W. Bruna & Zoons,1981
Amsterdam, Manteau,1984
Amsterdam, Manteau,1985

Tel-Aviv, N. Tversky, 1960
London, A. Deutsch, 1961
New York, Atheneum,1962
Tel-Aviv, N. Tversky, 1962
London, A.Deutsch, 1963
Harmondsw, Penguin Books,1964; 1968
Tel Aviv, N. Tversky, 1965
London, Andre Deutsch,1965
London, Andre Deutsch,1968
McClelland & Stewart 1968
Harmondsworth,Penguin, 1968
McClelland & Stewart 1970
Tel Aviv, Bronfman,1971
Tel Aviv, Bronfman,1971
Jerusalem, Shikmona,1975
Tel Aviv, Bronfman,1975
Tel Aviv, Bronfman,1975
Tel Aviv, Bronfman,1975
Tel Aviv, Bronfman,1975
Tel-Aviv, Bronfman,1975
N.Y, Hebrew Publishing, 1975
Tel Aviv, Bronfman,1975
Jerusalem, Shikmona,1975
Jerusalem, Shikmona,1976
Jerusalem, Shikmona,1977
Jerusalem, Shikmona,1980
New York, Bantam, 1982
Kent, Bachman & Turner, 1983
Toronto, M. Sutkiewicz,1983
Toronto, M. Sutkiewicz,1983
Toronto, M. Sutkiewicz,1983
Manila, F & R, 1988
London, English Theatre, 1988
New York, Shapolsky, 1989
New York, Shapolsky, 1989
London, Prion, 1989
London, Prion, 1989

Gerlingen, Bleicher, 1981

Manila, National Book Store, 1984

Helsinki, Kirjayhtyma, 1977
Helsinki, Kirjayhtyma, 1979
Helsinki, Kirjayhtyma, 1982
Helsinki, Kirjayhtyma, 1984

Paris, Hachette,1963; 1967
Paris, Planete, 1970
Paris, Solar, 1973
Paris, Solar, 1974
Paris, Alta, 1979
Paris, Alta, 1980
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Paris, Trevise, 1981
Paris, Trevise, 1982

Tel-Aviv, Shukuru,1993

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Stuttgart, Deutschen Bucherbundes
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Munich, Langen-Muller, 1970
Frankfurt, S. Fischer, 1970
Frankfurt, S. Fischer, 1970
Frankfurt, S. Fischer, 1970
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Munich, Langen-Muller, 1971
Munich, Langen-Muller, 1972
Munich, Langen-Muller, 1973
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Munich, Langen-Muller, 2000
Munich, Langen-Muller, 2002
Munich, Langen-Muller, 2003; 2004; 2005
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Budapest, Ab Ovo, 2000
Budapest, Kiado, 2004 (2 books)
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Akranesi, Horpuutgafan, 1985

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Tokyo, Motovan
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Tokyo, Kadokawa, 1985
Tokyo, Kadokawa, 1985
Tokyo, Kadokawa, 1985
Tokyo, Kodan sha (Aoi tori bunko), 1985

Seoul, Han Jin, 1979
Seoul, Han Jin, 1981
Seoul, Design House Pub, 1996
Seoul, Design House Pub, 2001
Seoul, Positive Thinking, 2004 (two books)

Seoul, Samin, 2015

Riga, AGB, 1998
Riga, AGB, 1998

Oslo, Gyldendal Norsk, 1975
Oslo, Gyldendal Norsk, 1976


Manila, National Book Store, 1984

Warsaw, Wydawnictwo Dolnoslaskie, 1988
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Krakow, Wydawnictwo M,1994
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Family Book
Jerusalem/Moscow, Gesharim/ Mosti Kulturi, 2004;2017 

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Belgrade, Book Marso, 2001
Belgrade, Book Marso, 2002
Belgrade, Book Marso, 2003

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Zagreb, Znanje, 1980
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Zagreb, Znanje, 1986
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Zagreb, Znanje, 1993
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Zagreb, IP Book, 1996
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Zagreb, Hena Com,1997
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Zagreb, IP Book, 1999

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Bratislava, Kalligram, 2002

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Buenos Aires, Raices
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Buenos Aires, Candelabro
Buenos Aires, Candelabro
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Buenos Aires, Candelabro, 1964
Jerusalem, Inst. Central de Rel. Culturales, 1964
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Istanbul, AD Kitapcilik, 1998
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Nidderau (Germany), M. Naumann, 2004


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