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Accidental Happiness

Iris Leal
Iris Leal gives the pair of lovers in this novel a chance, despite the fact that their love is totally unanticipated. Accidental Happiness is not only a splendid love story it is also the story of a frustrated middle-aged writer who escapes from the city to the country, and from his loving, submissive and colorless wife to solitude.
Forty-five-year-old Daniel rents a house in a little village set in a pastoral northern landscape, where he seeks inspiration to write a novel -to no avail. The local physician, Elazar, bursts into his life. A widower whose wife died prematurely in mysterious circumstances, Elazar invites Daniel to dinner at his home, where a fateful encounter with his daughter changes Daniel-s life. Attractive Amalia, who is 20 years younger than Daniel, is awaiting a man capable of extricating her from her insalubrious situation.
Gradually the dark secret regarding Amalia`s relationship with her father is revealed: they have been involved in an incestuous liaison since Amalia`s childhood, and this was the cause of her mother`s slow decline and loss of the will to live.
The relationship between Daniel and Amalia is hampered neither by the revelation of the blot on Amalia`s life nor by the fact that Daniel is married. The descriptions of their love scenes are extremely sensuous.
Elazar fails in his struggle to hold on to his daughter-lover. Love triumphs, but it is a fragile and tentative victory. It is also the triumph of life over literature, which is a substitute for life. Daniel does not write the great novel he planned, but instead discovers that happiness is within reach.

Title Accidental Happiness
Author’s Last Name Leal
Author's First Name Iris
Genre novel
Publisher (Hebrew) Keter
Year of Publication (Hebrew) 1999
No. Pages 212 pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Osher Pitomi
Representation Represented by ITHL