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Einat Yakir

Einat Yakir was born in Haifa in 1977. She holds a BA in Hebrew literature and theory from Tel Aviv University. Yakir lectures at the fine arts college Camera Obscura, is an editor at Mapa Publishers, and holds creative writing workshops. She also writes literary and theater reviews for the Hebrew press, and is a translator from Russian to Hebrew. Yakir has published two novels as well as a number of short stories and a play. She has received the Haaretz Short Story Prize (2000), the People of the Year Award (Channel 2 TV, 2002) and the Prime Minister's Prize (2008).

Einat Yakir

Books Published in Hebrew

A Matter of Negotiation (novella & stories), Keter, 2002 [Iskei Tivuch]
Artisans’ Center Street (novel) , Keter, 2007 [Merkaz Baʹalei Melacha]
Sand (novel), Keter, 2012 [Yemey Hol]
The Partition (play), Resling, 2015 [Ha-Mechitza]
Poems with Pleasure (children), Alef, 1986 [Shirim Be-Kef]
Itʹs Annoying! (children), Alef, 1987 [Uf, Ze Meʹatzben!]
Mr. Bargolʹs Circus (children), Einat Yakir, 1991 [Ha-Kirkas Shel Mar Bargol]
That Makes Two of Us (children-picture bk), Keter, 2009 [Kamoni - Kamocha]
The Divide (The Partition) [2015, Khan]

Books in Translation


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