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The Lior Series (8 books)

Shula Modan
AGE: 4-7

The series tells the story of a little boy called Lior who experiences all the things so familiar to every child in kindergarten and the early years of grade school. The main thrust of the books is coping with inner fears, social difficulties and ways of bridging the gap between the ideal and reality. Through an interesting and dramatic story, seasoned with a little fantasy, the books help children to overcome their fears, acquire self-confidence, and learn about their feelings and desires and express them while showing consideration for other people.
In Lior Cried When Mommy Left, Lior finds it hard to get used to staying in kindergarten without his mother. He bursts into tears, but then a dwarf appears, calms him down with his soothing voice, and convinces him that kindergarten is a wonderful place to be. In Lior`s Temper Tantrum, Lior refuses to go to kindergarten because he’s had a fight with his good friend Guy, but his mother manages to persuade him that making up with Guy will make him feel a lot better. Lior and the Cavity teaches children to cope with their fears about visiting the dentist. Although the dentist is a very nice man, Lior has to contend with the Fear Monster that does its best to convince him the treatment will hurt. Lior faces up to the Monster and realizes that dental treatment doesn`t hurt at all. In Lior`s Witch, Lior learns to overcome his fear of the dark and the creatures of the night, and discovers that the Witch actually likes children. Lior`s Magic Glasses tells about a toy-vendor who offers Lior two pairs of glasses, one black and the other rose-colored, and he discovers that the world can appear both gloomy and happy, but that even when everything seems dark and gloomy, we can always find just a little bit of rosiness. We read about how Lior copes with the death of his grandfather in Lior’s Grandpa has Died, and we get to know Lior`s dog, Sweetie, in Lior`s Sweetie. And in Lior`s Secret Friend, we discover that Lior, who is now going to school, has a secret and invisible friend who helps him overcome all his difficulties.

ModanSh Lior Series-heb
Title The Lior Series (8 books)
Author’s Last Name Modan
Author's First Name Shula
Genre children-picture bk
Publisher (Hebrew) Modan
Year of Publication (Hebrew) 1987-2000, see above
No. Pages About 40 pp. each
Representation Represented by ITHL



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