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Shlomo Nitzan

Shlomo Nitzan (1921-2006) was born in Liepaja, Latvia, and came to pre-state Israel in 1935. As a young man, he worked as a carpenter, waiter and gardener. He began publishing stories in the 1940s. During Israel`s 1948 War of Independence, he served as a military correspondent and edited a series of pocket books for soldiers. Later, he became well-known as an editor, short-story writer and novelist for both children and adults. Nitzan received several awards, including the Brenner Prize.

Shlomo Nitzan

Books Published in Hebrew

Holidays in the Sand (stories), Sifriat Poalim, 1949 [Hagim Ba-Holot]
Between Him and Them (novel), Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 1953 [Beino Le-Beinam]
Togetherness (trilogy), Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 1956; Bialik Institute, 1990 [Tzvat Be-Tzvat]
Not Even a Tent Peg (novel), Sifriat Poalim, 1960 [Yated La-Ohel]
In Brackets (stories), Machbarot Lesifrut, 1964 [Be-Sograyim]
From Street to Street (stories), Aleph, 1968 [Mi-Rehov El Rehov]
A Stolen Hour (novel), Sifriat Poalim, 1972; Zmora Bitan, 2003 [Shaʹah Gnuvah]
Tofkosch (novel), Massada, 1976
The Private Empire of Zmiri Picasso (novel) , Sifriat Poalim, 1982 [Ha-Imperia Ha-Pratit Shel Zmiri Picasso]
Land at Sea (stories), Tarmil, 1984 [Adamah Ba-Yam]
A Reasonable Doubt (novel), Maariv, 1985 [Tzel Shel Safek]
Togetherness (trilogy), Bialik Institute, 1990
To Be a Witness (novel), Carmel, 1993 [Lihiyot Ed]
Romance in Winter (stories), Sifriat Poalim, 1995 [Romansa Ba-Horef]
Pendent Pen (non-fiction), Tag, 1997 [Be-Terem Et]
From the Third Drawer, Carmel, 1999 [Me-Ha-Megera Ha-Shlishit]
Stocktaking (novel), Bitan, 2000 [Sfirat Mlai]
Flirt with Death (novella), Bitan, 2003 [Flirt Im Ha-Mavet]
I Have Grown to Be Before You (poetry), Carmel, 2009 [Tzamahti Lihyot Lefanecha]
The Yarkon River Stories, Sifriat Poalim, 1955 [Ha-Medurah Al Sefat Ha-Yarkon]
The Little Hero, M. Newman, 1959 [Ha-Gibor Ha-Katan]
The Shack on Poplar Street, M. Newman, 1960; Zmora Bitan, 2000 [Ha-Tzrif Be-Rehov Ha-Tzaftzefah]
A Sailorʹs Story, S. Simson, 1962 [Sipuro Shel Sapan]
The Bold Parrot (children), Dani Sfarim, 2015 [Ha-Tuki Ha-Noaz]

Books in Translation

Partial English translations available for A Stolen Hour and The Private Empire of Zmiri Picasso (for publishers only)


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