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Woman on the Edge of the Highway

Kalanit W. Ochayon
Naomi`s shoes are completely worn out from walking the highways. She doesn`t mind it when people offer her money or throw her a sandwich from a passing bus. Day after day, for the past fifteen years, she has been searching the roads for a clue to the tragedy that ruined her life.
Tamar`s family fell apart the day her seven-year-old sister went missing on the beach. Thirty years later, Tamar still lives with her parents and works at the local 24/7 store, obeying the strangest compulsions in her unceasing search for the sister she has lost. Sasha, on the other hand, wouldn`t mind seeing the last of her sister: While she struggles to attract her impervious boss and retrieve their flaky father`s inheritance, her sister decides to take her first steps in the porn industry along with her moronic Argentinian boyfriend.
Each woman tells her story in her own unique voice-all of them passionate, often hilarious, always intensely moving. Gradually, a breathtaking puzzle of extraordinary humanity emerges.

I immediately associated the book with the movie genre of intertwining stories, like Alejandro Inarritu`s two triptychs, Love`s a Bitch and Babel, or Paul Haggis`s Crash. The book has a strong plot, the characters are wild and fetching... In it, Israeliness is welded into a single, sweaty, dusty entity, struggling for a breath of fresh air. I am sure this will be a favorite with many youngsters.

A very emotional novel that touches the nerve... Refreshingly different. In her debut novel, Ochayon lays the foundations for her wise and sensitive writing.

Written with pure genius, funny and charming. Its unique language will become the talk of the town.
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Ochayon Woman on the Edge of the Highway
Title Woman on the Edge of the Highway
Author’s Last Name Ochayon
Author's First Name Kalanit W.
Language(s) French, Italian
Genre novel
Publisher (Hebrew) Babel
Year of Publication (Hebrew) 2010
No. Pages 280 pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Makom Le-Ahava Achat
Representation Represented by ITHL


French: Paris, Albin Michel, 2013
Italian: Florence, Giuntina, 2016