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Dan Tsalka
During the 15th century, a pogrom wiped out the Jewish community of a small German town. Only one Jew survives, the rabbi's 13-year-old son Huna Ilai. Fleeing to relatives in distant Hanover and dreaming of revenge, Huna Ilai is rescued by Heinz Bartsch, the descendant of a long line of executioners, who becomes his mentor. The Jewish boy and the hangman are forced to join a gang of bandits and become enmeshed in a world of courtly intrigues and religious fanaticism. Ultimately, Huna Ilai fulfils his mission of revenge, but the price is his lady love and his own life.
This dramatic tale of adventure and danger is a sophisticated depiction of medieval Jewish-Christian relations. Tsalka's gripping recreation of life in 15th century Germany contains with such esoteric details as the training of falcons, how to win a sword fight and the proper way to cast horoscopes.

A strange and enchanting tale.
Yedioth Ahronoth

The wonderful sensory rendition of the medieval world and its rich material experience is no small feat.
Critic Avner Holtzman

One of those good novels which penetrate our consciousness and remain there long after we've finished reading the book.
Critic Ariana Melamed 

Tsalka Clouds
Title Clouds
Author’s Last Name Tsalka
Author's First Name Dan
Language(s) Hebrew, German
Genre novel
Publisher (Hebrew) Zmora-Bitan
Year of Publication (Hebrew) 1994
No. Pages 139 pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Ananim
Representation Represented by ITHL


German: Gerlingen, Bleicher, 1997

On the Road to Aleppo: A Book of Stories
English: Ra`anana, Even Hoshen, 1999

Tsalka’s ABC
Spanish: Madrid, Losada, 2006

Under the Sign of the Lotus
French: Paris, Denoel, 2005
German: Stuttgart, dva, 2007
Dutch: Amsterdam, de Arbeiderspers, 2005


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