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Zion Cohen Series; Nir Sharoni Series; Batya Series [32 books]

Galila Ron-Feder-Amit
In the Zion Cohen Series, Zion describes his life story from the day he is taken from his grandmother's house through his marriage to Batya. From foster family to a kibbutz and back to a foster home, Ron-Feder-Amit sensitively unfolds the story of a boy who makes a success of his life, against all odds. Zion Cohen's stay with the Sharoni foster family leads to the Nir Sharoni Series. As Nir's life story unfolds we learn that life can be difficult even when you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth. Nir faces his own crises, ultimately achieving hard-won maturity.
Zion Cohen's involvement with Batya, a girl from another broken home, leads to the Batya Series. In this as yet uncompleted series, Batya describes her own troubled background. In all three series, Galila Ron-Feder-Amit achieves amazing authenticity, which explains the great popularity of the books among Israel's young readers. The Zion Series includes 10 books, the Nir Sharoni Series contains 12 books and the Batya Series contains 10 books. Each book is about 120 pages long and can be read independently. A short description of each book is available on request.

<BR>Zion Series; Nir Sharoni Series, Batya Series
Title Zion Cohen Series; Nir Sharoni Series; Batya Series
Author’s Last Name Ron-Feder-Amit
Author's First Name Galila
Genre youth
Publisher (Hebrew) Milo
Year of Publication (Hebrew) 1976-1986
Publisher 2 (Hebrew) Dagan, 1988; Adam
Year of Publication 2 (Hebrew) 1989-1997
Publisher 3 (Hebrew) Modan
Year of Publication 3 (Hebrew) 1988-1989; 2000-2004
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Sipuro Shel Zion Cohen; Yomano Shel Nir Sharoni; Sipura Shel Batia
Representation Represented by ITHL



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