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Galila Ron-Feder-Amit
AGE: 11-14

The miraculous story of Saul, the first Hebrew king, is creatively brought to life in Galia Ron-Feder-Amit`s novel for young adults. Saul, a simple shepherd, finds himself in the midst of national turmoil when the people of Israel demand that their God give them a human king. Saul, who is chosen for his virtues as an honest, humble and righteous man, soon finds out that his duties as a king challenge his character. When his people push him into a war against the Philistines, he is forced to refuse God`s orders for the first time. Straying from God`s way becomes more usual for Saul and ultimately paves the way for a new king, his son-in-law David. Saul`s road from his early years to his death in battle becomes a captivating tale of adventure, struggle, doubt and love. Saul brings ancient history close and dramatizes the lives of fascinating characters who will appeal even to readers unfamiliar with biblical history.

Title Saul
Author’s Last Name Ron-Feder-Amit
Author's First Name Galila
Genre youth
Publisher (Hebrew) Keter
Year of Publication (Hebrew) 1986
No. Pages 127 pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Shaul
Representation Represented by ITHL



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