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Yitzhak Shami

Yitzhak Shami (1888-1949) was born in Hebron, Eretz Israel, to a Syrian-Jewish family. His father traveled to Damascus regularly as a silk merchant. At the age of seventeen, Shami moved to Jerusalem, where he attended a teachers seminary and published his first short stories. He traveled from Damascus to Bulgaria, back to Hebron and then to Tiberias, working as a teacher until his death. In 1931 he settled in Haifa. He published short stories, a novella and essays. 

Books Published in Hebrew
The Vengeance of the Fathers (novella), Mitzpeh, 1927; Yahdav, 1975 [Nikmat Ha-Avot]
Stories by Yitzhak Shami, Neumann, 1952 [Sipurei Yitzhak Shami]
Six Stories, Tarmil, 1983 [Shisha Sipurim]
Life's Mill (stories & notes), Dvir, Heksherim, 2015 [Tachanat Ha-Chayim]

Books in Translation
The Vengeance of the Fathers
English: In: Eight Great Hebrew Short Novels, New American Library, New York, 1983; London/New York, Toby Press, 2005 
Spanish: In: Ocho Obras Maestras de la Narrativa Hebrea, Riopiedras, Barcelona, 1989
Italian: In: Sei capolavori della litteratura ebraica, Theoria, Rome, 1993

Hebron Stories
English: Lancaster, Labyrinthos, 2000
French: Geneve, Ed. Labor et Fides, 2006; 2008

Yitzhak Shami