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I, Anastasia

Alona Kimhi
In contrast to her own glamorous image, Alona Kimhi's stories reveal an obsessive interest in situations involving pain, misery, self-destruction, repression, sickness and insanity. Yet the characters belong unquestionably in their modern Israeli setting, and their extreme situations reflect the discontent of the younger, middle-class generation. A young married couple, sinking into a state of empty boredom, stop having sexual relations and spend much of their time watching films on video. Ultimately, the husband falls for another woman and the wife remains behind, betrayed and lonely. An adolescent girl in a Russian immigrant family suffers from her stepfather's hostility and compulsive cleanliness, and their relationship only improves when the man develops a sexual interest in her. A Tel Aviv journalist infects his lover with AIDS. An intelligent, depressive young woman tells her life story as an inmate in a psychiatric hospital. A bulimic fashion photographer manages to work in between bouts of compulsive eating and self-mortification.
Kimchi's characters talk about themselves in an idiomatic, uninhibited language, sometimes coarse, often violent. The rough force of these stories and their protagonists assign the author a very distinctive place among the women writers of Israel.

Alona Kimhi is not afraid of shocking [her readers], she even takes a certain impish pleasure in it... and freedom is her master word.
La Quinzaine littéraire

Alona Kimhi is a major voice among young Israeli writers.
Le Soir

Alona Kimhi is unequalled… Her writing is soft and tender, fierce yet full of comforting interludes.
Marie France

A raw and gripping group of stories.
The Independent

I Anastasia
Title I, Anastasia
Author’s Last Name Kimhi
Author's First Name Alona
Language(s) Hebrew, English, German, French, Italian, Estonian
Genre stories
Publisher (Hebrew) Keter
Year of Publication (Hebrew) 1996
No. Pages 235 pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Ani, Anastasia
Representation Represented by ITHL


English (Lunar Eclipse): London/New York, Toby Press, 2000; Las Vegas, AmazonCrossings, forthcoming
German: pback: Berlin, Berlin Verlag, 2005
French: Paris, Gallimard, 2008; pback, Arles, Babel, 2009

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