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Duet in Beirut

Mishka Ben-David
Ronen is part of a Mossad team sent to Beirut to assassinate a top Hizballah man who is behind a series of terror attacks. Gadi, his squad commander, orders him to fire, but the man’s little daughter appears and Ronen never pulls the trigger. The operation is a failure and he is thrown out of the Mossad.
A year later, after a major terrorist attack in northern Israel, Ronen decides to go to Beirut and do the job alone. Informed by Ronen’s wife Na’ama that her husband has disappeared, Gadi flies to Beirut—against all rules and odds—to stop him, for his action may get Israel into trouble. What are his motives? Loyalty to his country? Ronen’s safety? His relationship with Na’ama, who used to be his girlfriend?
From this point on, the reader is sucked into a vortex of action filled with suspense, raw emotion and violence in and around Beirut. And as Gadi continues his action-packed hunt for Ronen, the Mossad is planning a daring operation to get them both out of Beirut and prevent Ronen from carrying out the hit.
Duet in Beirut is a riveting spy thriller as well as an incisive psychological novel that voices harsh truths about Israeli society, its media and the establishment. Mishka Ben-David, who held a senior post in the Mossad, provides both an enjoyable read and rare insight into the world of its operatives, their relationships, the men and women in their lives, the decision making process and covert operations that fire the imagination.

Ben-David writes eloquently, creates an engrossing plot and suspenseful situations, maintains a dizzying pace and convincingly weaves in actual events. Duet in Beirut gives off a refreshing, contemporary aroma of Israel.

A fascinating story...Creates the feeling that the details were lifted directly from the logbook of Mossad operations.

Suspenseful and inspiring.
Yedioth Ahronoth

Duet in Beirut
Title Duet in Beyrouth
Author’s Last Name Ben-David
Author's First Name Mishka
Language(s) Hebrew, English, Turkish
Genre suspense
Publisher (Hebrew) Keter
Year of Publication (Hebrew) 2002; 2015
No. Pages 340 pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Duet Be-Beirut
Representation Represented by ITHL


English: London, Halban, 2013; New York, Overlook, 2015; pback: New York, Overlook, 2016
Turkish: Istanbul, Koton, 2014

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