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The King of Flesh and Blood (novel)
English: New York, Vanguard Press, 1958
London, East and West Library, 1958
Spanish: Buenos Aires, Candelabra, 1957; Barcelona, Candelabro, 1958
Italian: Milan, Feltrinelli, 1959
Dutch: The Hague, Zuid-Holland, 1961 
Portuguese: Sao Paulo, Perspectiva, 1971

With His Own Hands (novel)
English: Tel Aviv, Israel Universities Press, 1970
Russian: Jerusalem, Aliya, 1979

David's Stranger or The Hittite Must Die (novel)
English: New York, Abelard-Schumann, 1965
New York, East & West Library, 1978 

He Walked Through the Fields (novel)
Russian: Jerusalem, Aliya, 1977

My Life With Ishmael (political autobiography)
English: London, Vallentine Mitchell, 1970 

The Fifth Wheel (youth)
English: London, Bodley Head, 1961; Berkeley, Benmir Books, 1986 
Italian: Florence, Vallechi, 1963
Dutch: Amsterdam, ABC-Boeken, 1964
German: Berlin, E. Klopp, 1964
Catalan: Barcelona, Minho, 1965 
Why Ziva Cried on the Feast of First Fruits (children)
English: New York/London, Abelard-Schumann, 1960

The War of the Sons of Light (play)
French: Paris, Caracteres, 1956

Taking the Mountains (play)
English: Jerusalem, Keren Hayesod, 1948

He Walked Through the Fields (play)
English: Jerusalem, World Zionist Organization, 1959