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A Ride for Two

Avram Kantor
AGE: 3-5​

Nevo wants to go for a bike ride with Grandpa, and so does his sister Sahar. But there’s no room for two up front on the bike. Grandpa suggests that Nevo go in front and Sahar behind him, but Nevo doesn’t like this idea because Grandpa’s broad back will hide the road from Sahar. “So perhaps Sahar can sit up front and Nevo will sit in the back,” says Grandpa. “Not a good idea,” Sahar replies, because then Nevo won’t see the road. “Perhaps we can ride on a donkey instead of a bike,” Grandpa suggests. But the kids rule that out too, and anyway they don’t have a donkey. In the end, Nevo and Sahar find a solution: Granddad will carry both of them on his shoulders, and everyone will have fun—even without a bike ride!
A problem-and-solution tale, with the children invited to come up with ideas of their own at the end.

Illustrations: Hilla Havkin

Kantor Ride for Two
Title A Ride for Two
Author’s Last Name Kantor
Author's First Name Avram
Genre children-picture bk
Publisher (Hebrew) Hakibbutz Hameuchad
Year of Publication (Hebrew) 2013
No. Pages 22 pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Shnayim Al Ofanayim
Representation Represented by ITHL

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