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Other People's Homes

Deakla Keydar

One day in early summer, Yoram leaves his wife Ruthie and daughter Julie without any warning or explanation. Ruthie, in her 40s, and Julie, 17, become outsiders in the sleepy, family-oriented village where they live, but they are determined to heal their disrupted lives. Unexpectedly, Julie encourages her mother to find a new man, and Ruthie, an attractive woman, soon nabs Amnon and finds consolation in his arms. But Julie hates him from the first moment, and Ruthie’s ability to find new interest in her life only highlights her daughter’s fragile condition. Shortly after Amnon walks out stormily, Motti appears, looking like an ideal solution. Apart from an odd obsession with his appearance, he seems to be the perfect man. But he brings with him his sensitive, handsome son Jonah who has suicidal tendencies and lives in a special hut that Motti builds for him in the garden. And yet, amidst the strange relationship that develops between Jonah and the rest of the household, Jonah and Julie – surprisingly - fall in love.

Other People’s Homes courageously tackles the cost of love between couples, and between parents and children. Deakla Keydar creates one-of-a-kind characters in the shadow of disaster. With rare honesty, she shapes dramatic scenes and humorous, sometimes grotesque situations. Builds an enthralling plot that leaves a deep impression.



I read it in one night…I couldn’t stop … I don’t really want to decipher the spell that the book cast on me … The miracle of the encounter between a particular reader and a particular book is, after all, a very personal miracle … Many books are published; few enter your heart like this one. 

Author Eshkol Nevo


I read Deakla Keydar’s novel almost without putting it down. The book keeps you in suspense … Keydar [is] a wizard with words, but [what makes her a writer] is her dark imagination … the vivid subjectivity that dominates events … and the furious sequence of situations [that] both follow each other logically, yet are very surprising … A powerful book.



We’ve waited a long time for a novel from Keydar ... What is special here is the way Keydar describes and strips bare burning emotions, fear, horrendous humiliation. She knows where to find the special in the banal, the unexpected in the routine.

Yedioth Ahronoth


A magnificent book … It is marvelously written, has plot twists that surprise every time anew, and a wonderful grasp of its characters. Let’s have more.

Kol Israel 2


What is unique about this book [is that] after all the great dramas … what remains is the people, they are really important ... This is one of the best books written on this subject in recent years…precisely because it is unpretentious and adheres to an … insignificant plot that jolts the life of one family … This book is a significant milestone in Deakla Keydar’s career.


Keydar’s main achievement is the ability to depict lives and situations that are ostensibly normal and yet to veer away to key scenes that are unexpected, and yet both logical and convincing.

Yedioth Ahronoth

Keydar is a talented writer … This is a tangible, visual book, in which each scene is gripping in itself.

Makor Rishon

Overwhelming, intense.
Poet Tal Nitzan


Title Other People's Homes
Author’s Last Name Keydar
Author's First Name Deakla
Language(s) Hebrew
Genre novel
Publisher (Hebrew) Zmora-Bitan
Year of Publication (Hebrew) 2014
No. Pages 360 pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Batim Shel Acherim
Representation Represented by ITHL

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