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Ruthie Vital Gilad

Ruthie Vital Gilad was born in Israel in 1963, and spent her childhood in the Philippines, England, Australia and Israel. She is a graduate of the Beit Zvi School for the Performing Arts. Gilad has worked as a reporter covering arts and culture for Israeli newspapers and as tourism correspondent for a British travel magazine. She has also translated plays. She writes books for children and youth and leads writing workshops. Her children's book "Fear of Driving in the Fast Lane" has won the 2019 Devorah Omer Prize for Children's Literature.

Books Published in Hebrew

Out of the Water (children-picture bk), Prag, 1994 [Gam Mi-Toch Ha-Mayim]
Baruch the Chair and the Biggest Bottom (children-picture bk), Kinneret, 1998 [Baruch Ha-Kiseh Ve-Ha-Tusik Ha-Gadol Mi-Kulam]
Ayah Papaya and the Purple Cat (children-picture bk), Kinneret, 1998 [Ayah Papaya Ve-He-Chatul Ha-Varod]
Ayah Papaya and the Green Pie (children-picture bk), Kinneret, 1999 [Ayah Papaya Ve-Ha-Pashtida Ha-Yeruka]
Lily in the Land of the Outgrown Clothes (children-picture bk), Kinneret, 2002 [Lily Be-Eretz Ha-Bgadim Ha-Ktanim Miday]
Waiting for Mia (children-picture bk), Am Oved, 2002 [Ad She-Miya Tagi'a]
Absent Minded Lady (children-picture bk), Kinneret, Zmora-Bitan, 2003 [Gveret Mefuzeret]
Uri and the Sea Stone (children), Kinneret, 2007 [Uri Ve-Even Ha-Yam]
My Greedy Nose (children-picture bk), Marzipan, 2008 [Ha-Af Ha-Zalelan Sheli]
To Die For (poetry), Gvanim, 2010 [Metim Alay]
Fear of Driving in the Fast Lane (youth) , Keren, 2014 [Ha-Pachad Lidros Shliach Pitza]
And Moreover (poetry), Pardes, 2016 [Al Achat Kama Ve-Chama]

Books in Translation