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My Husband's Not Home

Merav Halperin

"GOLDEN" BOOK 2016 - More than 20,000 copies sold in Israel

No butterflies here, or romantic sunsets. Instead a fast, furious and hilarious book that you cannot put down except to laugh out loud. The heroine is a successful lawyer who has always done the "right thing," until one day her husband leaves her for an older, less attractive woman and she tries to fathom where she went wrong.

Halperin is skilled at describing this woman who apparently has everything. She is wealthy, attractive and fashionable, has a high-octane career, two teenage children who drive her crazy, and an eccentric mother - an aging diva - who lives in an old folks home and flirts with all the men, much to her daughter’s embarrassment. She has to juggle all these, as well as her search for a new husband, without losing her cool or creasing her designer blouse. She fights on all fronts and fails on all of them, but doesn’t break. Cynical, uninhibited and godless, she dares to speak about things that everyone else hides: Why kids don’t bring happiness, what routine sex with a husband is like, how to live with betrayal, what women are prepared to sacrifice for marriage, and what men are prepared to do for sex.

Mercilessly and with infectious humor, Halperin follows the heroine’s juggling act, which is also the story of an entire generation of frazzled women, the first to be told that they can have it all - marriage, a home, children, a career, a good salary, as well as looking like a million dollars.


The funniest book I’ve read over the past year … With sarcastic wit, Halperin describes the situation of all of us at that age when we have not yet finished looking after our children, and we already have to look after our parents… I laughed a lot, and for that I am deeply grateful to the writer.   

Author Orly Krauss-Winer, NRG

Written with a light touch and much charm and its tempo is quick, not to say frenzied … What’s funny about this book is the audacity of the narrator to say things that others may think, but would not necessarily be prepared to say out loud … The style resembles a machine gun firing: fast and efficient … It should be a bestseller.

Alit Karp, Haaretz


Touches upon the struggle that most women are engaged in … Every single sentence here is witty, and you’ll burst out laughing at least once in each paragraph.

Dor Babayoff, Maariv


A side-splitting debut novel. The book has quickly become a refreshing surprise on the shelves and stars on three bestseller lists, an indication of how loaded its theme is.

Gaya Koren, Yedioth Ahronoth


Merav Halperin has written a bestseller that fits the Facebook age like a glove: Short, flowing chapters written with effortless wit … Halperin’s writing is like a fun, frank conversation with a good girlfriend.

Tal Marmelshtein, Israel Hayom


A book that’s fun to read, without stopping. Go for a long weekend, lie down and enjoy it.

Yafit Erez‎, Onlife


Funny and fast-moving Israeli chick-lit … Well written and enjoyable … You can simply lean back and be impressed by Halperin’s writing skill, chuckle at her jokes and appreciate her unique, vivid world of idioms … Fast-moving plot that stops off at the right places.     

Ran Bin-Nun, Yedioth Ahronoth

The quick-paced plot, the sharp humor, and the slaughter of the sacred cow of the subject of divorce make this a must for the handbag of every modern


Noa Bercovich, Xnet 

The feeling I had while reading was that I had met the heroine and the further I got into the book the better I was getting to know her and to secretly admire her ... She has no sacred cows and she accurately depicts feelings, thoughts and questions that are not foreign to any girl … The book is indeed amusing but just a second after the quiet little chuckle, the writer manages, via the sarcasm and humor, to introduce harsher and confusing content about femininity, and that is admirable … A must for the bookshelf of every contemporary woman. 

Anna Kleinman, Kol Israel 1

Title My Husband's Not Home
Author’s Last Name Halperin
Author's First Name Merav
Language(s) Hebrew
Genre novel
Publisher (Hebrew) Yedioth Ahronoth
Year of Publication (Hebrew) 2014
No. Pages 222 pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Ba'ali Lo Ba-Bayit
Representation Represented by ITHL

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