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The Dream Magician

Lea Goldberg

AGE: 4-7

The dream magician has a long red beard and great magical powers. By day, he lives closed up in his little house surrounded by a wall, and only at night, when all the children are asleep, does he venture out to do his magic. Then he wanders among the houses with a small magic mirror that glitters in the dark. And when he points it at a sleeping child’s head, all the child’s dreams are reflected in it. If the child dreams that he’ll grow up to be an engineer or an architect, a craftsperson or a daring sea-captain, the magician sees it in his mirror and writes it in his notebook. And he can also help children’s dreams come true. But only if the child remembers his dreams forever. In other words, the dream magician can only make dreams come true if the child never gives up on them.

An enchanting story in rhyme for children and parents alike, about the link between dreams and ambition.


Illustrations: Niv Tishbi

Title The Dream Magician
Author’s Last Name Goldberg
Author's First Name Lea
Language(s) Hebrew
Genre children-picture bk
Year of Publication (Hebrew) 1949
Publisher 2 (Hebrew) Sifriat Poalim
Year of Publication 2 (Hebrew) 2016
No. Pages 22 pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Sar Ha-Yeladim
Representation Represented by ITHL

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