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Amalia’s Father Goes to Australia

Eshkol Nevo

AGE: 3-6



Amalia’s father is going to Australia, but Amalia can’t go with him. After he leaves, she is very sad—she doesn’t feel like painting or going out for a walk. And then there’s an unexpected knock on the door. She leaps to her feet, thinking: It’s Dad! But when she opens the door, she sees an amazing creature called the Whipped Cream Man. He turns out to be one of many strange characters that visit her in the next few days, like the Kissing Queen and the Jumpy Kangaroo. They all share happy moments with Amalia and make her forget about her father’s absence for a little while. So the week isn’t as terrible as she’d expected and, at the end, her dad comes back with the scooter he’d promised her!

David Hall’s lovely illustrations are an inseparable part of the plot. If young readers look at the last picture carefully, they’ll discover the mystery of the fantastic visitors. For in that picture, we see the kangaroo tail still glued to her mother’s behind!


Illustrations: David Hall







Amaliaʹs Father Goes to Australia is a breath of very fresh air. Very quietly, without stirring up a storm, it restores to children’s literature something that has been largely given up on by the most recent generation of writers: confidence that children know how to read and see between the lines, even when complex emotions are involved. This is one of the most delicate children’s books that I’ve read recently. Most of its emotional impact, and there is a great deal of it, happens between the lines – and behind the refined and information–packed, subtly humorous illustrations by David Hall – without being stated or displayed explicitly … We can only hope that this promising book by Eshkol Nevo will be the first of a long series by him, together with his books for adults, over many years to come.   

Yael Dar, Haaretz


Eshkol Nevo’s tale flows nicely from harsh realism into the fantasy of the world of children, and the illustrations correspond with the text cleverly and humorously. 

Ran Yagil, Maariv


A delightful story, marvelously illustrated by David Hall, which on the one hand powerfully conveys the pain and longing entailed by separation from a parent who leaves on a business trip, but also what is to be gained by such a separation.

Tali Bourla–Galili, Child Therapy Blog


A charming story about separation and longing … A gripping, refreshing and moving book … The illustrations are colorful, amusing and they also complement the text … The book relies heavily on the child’s ability to understand and to use the illustrations to fill in the gaps … This is Eshkol Nevo’s first children’s book and it is obvious that he knows how to address a young audience.



Title Amalia’s Father Goes to Australia
Author’s Last Name Nevo
Author's First Name Eshkol
Language(s) Hebrew
Genre children-picture bk
Publisher (Hebrew) Zmora-Bitan
Year of Publication (Hebrew) 2010
No. Pages 33 pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Aba Shel Amalia Noseʹa Le-Ostralia
Representation Represented by ITHL


Spanish: Buenos Aires, Leviathan, forthcoming 

Italian: Milano, Salani, 2019


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