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Ori Elon

Ori Elon was born in Kibbutz Shluhot, in Northern Israel, in 1981, and graduated from the Ma'aleh School of Television, Film and the Arts in Jerusalem. He is the co-creator and writer of the critically acclaimed television drama Shtisel, now on Netflix. The series won 17 Israeli Academy Awards, including best series and best screenplay. He was also a co-writer of the drama series Srugim, the mini-series Autonomous and the comedy The Choir. As an author, he wrote Invisible Show, which won him the Israeli Ministry of Culture Award for Debut Novels, as well as several children's books including King Gogle, At Jackrobat's Market andThe chickens that were turned into goats

Books Published in Hebrew

A Basket Full of Figs (children-picture bk) , Tchelet, 2017 [Sal Maleh Te'enim]
King Gogle, Keter, 2010 [HaMelech Gogle]
At Jackrobat's Market, Keter, 2015 [Ba'Shuk Shel Z'akrobat]
The Chickens that were Turned into Goats, Keter, 2016 [Ha'Tarnegolot She'Hafchu Le'Izim]
Invisible Show, Keter, 2008 [HaMofah HaNistar]

Books in Translation

Russian: Knizhniki, Moscow, 2021


At Jackrobat's Market


English: Green Bean, London, forthcoming