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Five Wacky Witches

Awhimsical rhymed story about a group of joyful and mischievous witches who go out for a walk in town. They shop and sit in a café almost like ordinary people. However, their witchy, wacky character is expressed through their mischievious playfulness (walking on walls, in and out of a TV screen) and their uninhibited, at times nonsense language. They seem to be enjoying themselves immensely, giggling, singing and breaking all rules. Yet not everything is harmonious: One after the other they are caught in different places—on a rooftop, in a mall, in a café. Eventually the last witch, feeling lonely without her friends, climbs on her broom to rescues all the others. The group diminishes in descending order and re-gathers in a symmetrical ascending one. At the end of a very eventful and tiresome day they return home to prepare a delicious soup of turnips, crocodiles’ tails and a smelly old shoe. Having planned their next adventure they comb their hair, put on their pajamas like wellbehaved girls and fall asleep. 
Title Five Wacky Witches
Author’s Last Name Chacham
Author's First Name Ronit
Language(s) Hebrew
Genre children
Publisher (Hebrew) Ayalot
Year of Publication (Hebrew) 1993
No. Pages 32
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Chamesh Mechashefot Halchu Le-Tayel
Representation Represented by ITHL


English: The Best Children's Books in the World (anthology), New York, Abrams, 1996; New York, Carnegie Hill Press, 1998 

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