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Don’t Steal My Turn

“At last it was Hala’s turn. She was about to tell the
grocer what she needed, but then her nasty cousin
Samir pushed to the head of the line and without even
glancing at her asked for bread and orange juice.”
Hala wants to help at home. She and her parents decide that she
should begin to do grocery shopping. But at the store she finds that
people keep stealing her turn. Hala is not going to keep quiet about
this. How can she make the grownups listen to what she has to say?
Title Don’t Steal My Turn
Author’s Last Name Bisharat
Author's First Name Odeh
Language(s) Hebrew
Genre children
Publisher (Hebrew) Keter
Year of Publication (Hebrew) 2019
No. Pages 45
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Al Tignevu Li Et Ha-Tor
Representation Represented by ITHL

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