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Tsipor Frumkin

Tsipor Frumkin was born in Jerusalem in 1967. A graduate of the School of
Visual Theater, until 2018 she worked at the Train Theater as an actor, 
puppeteer and director. Her plays for children and adults have been produced
at international and Israeli festivals, where they have won prizes.
Frumkin’s first book, Ricky Lee Voo is Stuck to a Chair!, published in 2017, won
the Devorah Omer Prize for children’s literature in 2019. Within four years she
published four more books, all of which won critical acclaim: End of the World
(2019), Bookmobile Takes Off (and Other Adventures) (2019), A Royal Feast (2020), and Bishma Crosses the Line (2021).

Books Published in Hebrew

Ricky Lee Voo is Stuck to a Chair! (Children and youth) , Yediot Ahronot and Tal-May Publishers, 2017 [Ricky Lee Voo Dvooka La-Kisseh]
The End of the World (youth) , Yediot Ahronot and Tal-May Publishers, 2019 [Ktzeh Ha-Olam]
Bookmobile Takes Off (and Other Adventures) (Children and youth) , Tsili Books, 2019 [Ha-Sifriya Ha-Nayedet Mamriah, Ve-od Harpatkaot]
A Royal Feast (children) , Tsili Books, 2020 [Aruchat MeLachim]
Bishma Crosses the Line (children) , Tsili Books, 2021 [Bishma Gonevet et Ha-Gvool]

Books in Translation


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