Racheli Rotner. The Other Side of the World

A little girl has nightmares at night and is lonely by day, until the night creatures turn into daytime friends. Now grown up, she is convinced she will cure her loneliness in far off Australia, so she sets out to find one of the incongruous night-heroes who are still central to her life. Thus starts the graphic novella "Gate," which tells the tale of a woman’s bizarre journey in search of her future and past.
Racheli Rotner`s critically acclaimed first book is graphic fiction for adults, a mesmerizing creation that blends child and adulthood, reality and fantasy in a unique way. There is a short story about a couple`s troubled relationship ("Dream"), another about waking up in terror as a child ("Home") and the novella "Gate."
The sketches are expressive and diverse, moving from the childlike to the clear and precise, without ever losing their darkly disturbing quality.

A distinctive new voice... very promising.

[Rotner`s choice of graphic styles] is brilliant. The mix of text and graphics really works... An interesting and highly enjoyable book.
Makor Rishon

This graphic novel is sometimes like dark poetry. There is something very exposed and blunt about Rotner’s search...A mesmerizing and handsome book.
Yedioth Tel Aviv

Don`t miss this book! Eye-opening and touching.

A novella available in English translation (for publishers only)

The Other Side of the World
Title The Other Side of the World
Author’s Last Name Rotner
Author's First Name Racheli
Genre graphic novels
Publisher (Hebrew) Babel
Year of Publication (Hebrew) 2008
No. Pages 122 pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Ha-Tsad Ha-Acher Shel Ha-Olam
Representation Represented by ITHL