. Fate, Keter Books, forthcoming 2020

The much-awaited novel by the author who has won acclaim across the globe! After the death of her father, a renowned scientist, Atara tracks down the woman he was married to in his youth and who fought beside him in an underground Jewish militia before the establishment of the State of Israel. The meeting between the two women sets off a dramatic series of events that changes the course of Atara and her family’s lives. The narrative alternates between the minds of the two women. Rachel, the former wife, is now an elderly but clear-minded widow who misses the passion of the old days; she is worried about the country she fought for, and the one that the next generation will inherit. Atara is a conservation architect, married for the second time, the mother of two children. She struggles with problems in her marriage as well as a crisis with her son, a soldier in the naval commandos. The gradual disclosure of the past sheds light on the present and forces the characters to face questions of fate, control and responsibility, disillusionment and love.

Title Fate
Author’s Last Name Shalev
Author's First Name Zeruya
Language(s) Hebrew, German, French
Genre novel
Publisher (Hebrew) Keter
No. Pages 253
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Goral


German: Berlin, Berlin Verlag, forthcoming

French: Paris, Gallimard, forthcoming

Polish: Warsaw, Foksal, forthcoming

Czech: Pague, Prah, forthcoming

Italian: Milan,  Feltrinelli, forthcoming

Romanian: Bucharest, Humanitas, forthcoming