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Reuven Ben-Yosef

Reuven Ben-Yosef (1937-2001) was born Robert Reiss, in New York. He studied music, intending to become a composer, but at the age of eighteen he became interested in literature. His first work was published in 1954, in English. Ben-Yosef served in the American army for two years in Germany and then immigrated to Israel in 1959. His first volume of Hebrew poems was published in 1965. He lived in Jerusalem and wrote both poetry and prose. He was awarded several literary prizes, including the American Neuman Prize.

Books Published in Hebrew
Waiting Seagulls, Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 1965 [Shchafim Mamtinim]
The Ways of the Land, Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 1967 [Derech Eretz]
When You Get Dressed, Eked, 1969 [Ka-Asher At Mitlabeshet]
The Dead and Loving, Massada, 1974 [Metim Ve-Ohavim]
Yom Kippur War Poems, Dvir, 1976 [Kolot Ba-Rama: Shirei Milchemet Yom Ha-Kipurim]
Noon in Jerusalem, Agudat Shalem, 1978 [Tzohorayim Bi-Yerushalayim]
Selected Poems, Pinat Hasefer, 1981 [Al Saf Ha-Midbar: Mivchar Shirim]
From the Front, Eked, 1983 [Min Ha-Kav]
Something of the Land, Eked, 1984 [Ta'am Ha-Aretz]
To the Land of Conscience, Eked, 1987 [El Eretz Ha-Toda'a]
On the Cliff, Eked, 1988 [Al Ha-Tzuk]
Selected Poems: 1962-1989, Dvir, 1989 [Shirim Be-Olam Rotet]
I Exclude Myself from Pain, Dvir, 1993 [Lehotzi Atzmi Min Ha-Sevel]
Satiated Survivers, Bitzron, 1996 [Savanu Ve-Notarnu]
Between Sacred and Profane, Bitzaron, 1999 [Bein Kodesh Le-Chol]
Selected Love Poems, Bitzaron, 2000 [Shirei Ahava: Mivchar]
Selected War Poems, Bitzaron, 2000 [Shirei Milchama: Mivchar]
Selected Prayer Poems, Bitzaron, 2001 [Shirei Emuna: Mivchar]
In Memory of Reuven Ben Yosef: Poems Left on His Desk, Letters and Critical Articles by His Colleagues, New York & Jerusalem: Israel matz Foundation, Bitzaron, 2002 [Sefer Reuven Ben Yosef: Shirim Min Ha-Izavon U-Ma'amarim Shel Sofrim, Meshorerim U-Mevakrei Sifrut Al Chayav U-Yetzirato]

The Way Back (novel), Sifriat Poalim, 1973 [Ha-Derech Chazara]
Deception (novella), Massada, 1979 [Mirma]
Suffering and Heritage (essays), The Author, 1985 [Al Ha-Sevel Ve-Al Ha-Yerusha: Kovetz Ma'amarim Al Inyanei Tarbut U-Machshevet Israel]
On Our Evolving Culture (essays), Bitzaron, 1996 [Al Tarbutenu Ha-Mitgabeshet]
A Writer's Diary (diary), Yitachen, 1998 [Yoman Ktiva]

Reuven Ben-Yosef

Books Published in Hebrew

Books in Translation

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