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Almog Behar

Almog Behar was born in Netanya in 1978 and lives in Jerusalem. He studied philosophy and Hebrew literature at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and completed his PhD in Hebrew literature at Tel Aviv University. Behar taught
philosophy in high school and Jewish liturgy at Bar-Ilan University and Tel Aviv University. He has later taught Hebrew literature at Cornell University, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and at other academic institutions. He is currently a Polonsky postdoctoral fellow at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute.

Behar has published books of poetry, a collection of short stories and a novel. In 2005, he won the Haaretz Short Story Competition for his story "Ana Min Al-Yahoud" ("I am one of the Jews"), which was published in the well-known journal Al-Hilal in Cairo, and generated considerable interest in Egypt and the Arab world. Behar has received the Bernstein Prize for Poetry (2010), the Prime Minister's Prize (2010) and the Ramat Gan Prize for debut book (2011). 

Almog Behar

Books Published in Hebrew

Wellsʹ Thirst (poetry), Am-Oved, 2008 [Tzimaon Beʹerot: Shirim 2000-2006]
I Am One of the Jews (stories) , Babel, 2008 [Ana min al-Yahoud]
The Thread Drawing from the Tongue (poetry), Am Oved, 2009 [Chut Moshech Min Ha-Lashon: Shirim 1996-2008]
Rachel and Ezekiel (novel) , Keter, 2010 [Tshachla Ve-Chezkel]
Poems for Prisoners (poetry), IndieBook, 2016 [Shirim La-Asirei Batei-Ha-Sohar]

Books in Translation

Arabic: Cairo, Al Kotob Khan, 2016