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Naomi Frankel

Naomi Frankel Ben-Gur (1918-2009) was born in Berlin to an assimilated Jewish family. She immigrated to Jerusalem in 1934, and later studied Jewish History and Kabala at the Hebrew University. She lived on Kibbutz Beit Alpha until 1970, when she began an eight-year stint in the Israeli Navy where she held the rank of major. In 1982, she and her family moved to Kiryat Arba, and later to Hebron where she lived until her death. Frankel wrote fiction for both adults and children. She was awarded several prizes, including the Ruppin Prize (1956), the Ussishkin Prize (1962), the Prime Minister's Prize (1970), the Walter Schwimmer Award for Journalism (1972) and the Neumann Prize (2005).             


Books Published in Hebrew            
Saul and Yohanna (trilogy), Sifriat Poalim, vol. 1: 1956; vol. 2: 1961; vol. 3: 1967; Am Oved, 1976; Gefen, 1999 [Shaul Ve-Yohanna]            
Racheli and the Little Man (children), E. Lewin-Epstein, 1972; Am Oved, 1975; 1988 [Racheli Ve-Ha-Ishon]
My Beloved Friend (novel), Am Oved, 1973; Gefen, 2000 [Dodi Ve-Re'ee]
Wild Flower (novel), Am Oved, 1981; Gefen, 2000 [Tzemach Bar]            
A Boy Growing Up on the Banks of the Assi (youth), Ministry of Defense, 1977 [Na'ar Tzamach Bi-Gdot Ha-Assi]            
Morning Star (novel), Gefen, 1999 [Barkai]
Farewell (novel), Gefen, 2003 [Preda]            

Books in translation:

My Beloved Friend

Russian: Moscow, Kniga-Sėfer, 2006



Wild Flower

Russian: Moscow, Kniga-Sėfer, 2007


Saul and Yohanna
Russian: Tel Aviv, Kniga-Sefer, 2011

Naomi Frankel

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