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Tirtza Atar

Tirtza Atar, daughter of the poet Nathan Alterman and actress Rachel Marcus, was born in Tel Aviv in 1941. She studied drama in New York and played a variety of roles in the Habimah and Cameri Theaters. She was a poet, lyricist and children`s author. She also translated over 30 plays from English to Hebrew. Atar died, tragically young, in 1977. The Lion that Loved Strawberries was first included in her children`s book Yael Takes a Walk (1971), for which she won the Ze`ev Prize in 1973.
Newly reissued, The Lion that Loved Strawberries was on the National Bestseller lists for 116 weeks.
Tirtza Atar

Books in Translation

Arabic: Kafr Qara, Dar al-Huda, 2008
War Is a Crying Thing
Ukrainian: Lviv, The Old Lion, 2015