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Aharon Avraham Kabak

Abraham Aharon Kabak (1883-1944), was born in Vilnius, Lithuania, the son of a rabbi versed in Russian literature who translated Lermontov's poems into Hebrew. Kabak received a traditional Jewish education. At 13 he left home and began to travel, studying and teaching on his way. He lived in Turkey, where he taught and wrote for several Hebrew and Yiddish publications. For three years he lived and taught in Tel Aviv, and spent time in Germany and France before studying in Switzerland at the Universities of Geneva and Lausanne. He finally settled in Palestine in 1921. A teacher at the Jerusalem Rehaviah High School, Kabak played a central role in the literary, educational and civic life of the city.

Books Published in Hebrew
By Herself (novel), Warsaw, Tushia, 1905 [Levadah]
On the Tower (novel), Warsaw, Sifrut, 1910 [Me'al Ha-Migdal]
The Trailblazer (novella), Odessa, Moriah, 1910 [Ha-Maf'il]
Stories, Warsaw, Tushia, 1911 [Sipurim]
Daniel Shafranov (novel), Warsaw, Sifrut, 1912 [Daniel Shafranov]
Victory (novel), Warsaw, Stybel, 1923 [Nitzahon]
Shelomo Molho (trilogy), London, Ha'olam, 1929 [Shelomo Molho]
When the Kingdom Collapses (play), Zutot, 1929 [Be-Himot Mamlachah]
Between the Sea and the Desert (novel), 1933 [Ben Yam U-Ben Midbar]
The Narrow Path (novel), Dvir, 1937 [Ba-Mish'ol Ha-Tzar]
The Empty Space (novel), Am Oved, 1943 [Be-Halal Rek]
History of One Family (trilogy), Am Oved, 1943-45 [Toldot Mishpahah Ahat]
In the Shadow of the Gallows (novel), Am Oved, 1944 [Be-Tzel Etz Ha-Tliyah]
Story Without Heroes (novel), Am Oved, 1945 [Sipur Bli Giborim]
Books in Translation

The Narrow Path
Dutch: The Hague, Boekencentrum, 1972
English: Tel Aviv, Massada/Institute for the Translation of Hebrew Literature, 1968
French: Paris, Ed. du Cerf, 1996
Romanian: Bucharest, Bicurim, 1946

Shlomo Molho
English: Tel Aviv, Massada/Institute for the Translation of Hebrew Literature, 1973

Aharon Avraham Kabak