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Hillel Mittelpunkt

Hillel Mittelpunkt was born in in 1949 in Tel Aviv. He studied and later taught theater at Tel Aviv University. Mittelpunkt was writer-in-residence for four years at the Beersheba Theater and spent four years working with the Haifa Municipal Theater. His plays Driver-Painter, The House Mother, and Gorodish were selected best play of the year.            

Books Published in Hebrew
Groundwater, Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 1979 [Mei Tehom]
Shop, Or Am, 1982 [Makolet]            
Buba, Or Am, 1982 [Buba]            
Temporary Separation, Or Am, 1985 [Perud Zmani]
Driver, Painter, Or Am, 1988 [Nahag, Tzayeret]            
The Actor and South of Paradise, [Ha-Sahkan, Gan Eden Darom] The Loved Ones, Beit Zvi, 1992
Brothers in Arms, Kinneret, 1992 [Ahim La-Neshek]            
The Housemother, Or Am, 1993 [Em Ha-Bayit]
Gorodish, Or Am, 1993 [Gorodish]
Friends of Friends, Gvanim, 2014 [Chaverim Shel Chaverim]

The Wolves, Gvanim, 2016 [Ha-Ze'evim]

The Last Hope of Nahmani Street [Haifa, 1974]            
The Monkey [Haifa, 1975]
Little Shraga [Haifa, 1975]            
The Roof [Habimah, 1976]            
Deep Waters [Habimah, 1977]            
Zalmaners (based on a novel by M. Kulbak) [Haifa, 1978]
And There was a Hole (with Yehoshua Sobol) [Tsavta, 1979]
Dramatis Personae (dir. by H. Mittelpunkt) [Haifa, 1979]
Last Striptease (1st version with Joshua Sobol) [Tsavta, 1980]
Shop [Habima, 1982]
Buba [Haifa, 1982]            
Small Talk on the Nile (based on a novel by N. Mahpuz) [Haifa, 1982]            
Men at Night (with Joshua Sobol, dir. by H. Mittelpunkt) [Tsavta, 1984]            
Death and the Maiden (dir. by H. Mittelpunkt) [Haifa, 1985] Temporary Separation [Habimah, 1985]; (dir. by H. Mittelpunkt) [Beit Lesin, 1986]
Mamy Rock Opera (dir. by H. Mittelpunkt) [Tsavta, 1987]            
Painter-Driver (dir. by H. Mittelpunkt) [Beer-Sheva, 1988]
Last Striptease (2nd version) [Tsavta, 1988]            
Name of the Game [Beer-Sheva, 1989]            
Mephisto (based on a novel by K. Mann) [Beer-Sheva, 1989]            
Three at Night (dir. by H. Mittelpunkt) [Beit Lesin, 1990]
The Beloved Ones (dir. by H. Mittelpunkt) [Beer Sheva, 1991]
Samara Rock Opera (dir. by H. Mittelpunkt) [Tsavta, 1992]            
Brothers in Arms (dir. by H. Mittelpunkt) [Beer Sheva, 1992]
The House Mother (dir. by H. Mittelpunkt) [Beer Sheva, 1993]
Gorodish (dir. by H. Mittelpunkt) [Cameri, 1993]
Boitre (based on a novel by M. Kulbak; dir. by H. Mittelpunkt) [Cameri, 1995]   
Last Striptease (3rd version) [Tsavta, 1995]            
Southern Paradise [Beit Lesin, 1996]            
Mister Wolf [Cameri, 1997]            
The Actor [Cameri, 1998]
Friends of Frriends [Cameri, 2014]

The Wolves [Cameri, 2016]
Books in Translation
English: New York, Modern International Drama, 1987; in Modern Israeli Drama, Portsmouth, Heinemann, 1993
Driver, Painter            
English: New York, Modern International Drama, 1993  

Hillel Mittelpunkt