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Aliza Olmert

Aliza Olmert, Jerusalem artist and playwright, was born in 1946 in Eschwege, Germany, and was brought to Israel by her parents in 1949. She has a BA in social work from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and worked in her profession for several years. Olmert later studied environmental design at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design; her work has been exhibited internationally in solo shows as well as group exhibitions. She is also chairperson and executive committee member of several child welfare organizations and artistic bodies. Olmert has written a number of TV scripts and a play, which was staged at the Heilborn Theater in Germany. In 2008, she was awarded the Steiger Prize, Germany, for A Slice of Sea.




Books Published in Hebrew
A Slice of Sea (novel), Zmora Bitan, 2001 [Prusa Shel Yam]
Written on the Wall, with Gail Hareven (non-fiction), Yedioth Ahronoth, 2007 [Sfat Kir]
Books in Translation
A Slice of Sea
German: Berlin, Aufbau, 2007
French: Paris, Denoel, 2008



Aliza Olmert