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Jacob Orland

Jacob Orland was born in 1914 in Tetiev, the Ukraine, and arrived in Eretz Israel when he was seven years old. His parents were founders of the "Working Brigades." During World War II, he organized the first military Hebrew-performing troupe and after the war studied at the Royal Drama Academy in London. He has been a member of the repertoire committee of the Haifa Theater since 1955. Orland's first poem was published in 1933. He has since published poetry, lyrics, plays and translations. He also edited literary publications and served as chairman of the Hebrew Writers Association. He has been awarded several prizes, including the Alterman Prize for Poetry and the Israel Prize for Lyrics.

Books Published in Hebrew 
A Tree in the Wind, Gazit, 1939 [Ilan Ba-Ruah]
Poems on Hawks and Doves, Achiasaf, 1946 [Shirim Al Ayit Ve-Al Yonah]
Poems from the Land of Oz, Machbarot Lesifrut, 1963 [Shirim Me-Eretz Utz]
The Toy's House, Megilot, 1963 [Beit Ha-Tza'atzuyim]
The Organist, Histadrut Publishing House, 1968 [Nagan Ha-Ugav]
Tel Faher Day, Ma'arachot, 1976 [Yom Tel-Faher]
City of Portents, Ekked, 1978 [Ir Ha-Ovot]
There Were Nights, Tamuz, 1985 [Hayu Leilot]
Nathan Used to Say, Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 1985 [Nathan Haya Omer]
Ethiopian Alley, Keter, 1986 [Simtat Ha-Habashim]
Kiev, Carmel, 1991 [Kiev]
Selected Poems, Bialik Institute, 1997 [Mivhar Ketavim]


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