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Oded Peled

Oded Peled was born in Haifa in 1950 and now lives in Kibbutz Kfar HaNassi. He studied English literature and political science at Haifa University and works as translator and editor. Peled writes poetry and prose and translates American literature, including a collection of modern American poetry. He was awarded the Chomsky Prize for Poetry (1986), the Prime Minister's Prize for Translation (1990), the Prime Minister's Prize for Literature twice (1997; 2007) and  the Arik Einstein Prize (2015).   

Books Published in Hebrew
Birthday, Prosa, 1978 [Yom Huledet]
Letters to Bergen-Belsen, Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 1978 [Michtavim Le-Bergen-Belsen] 
Kaddish and Other Poems, Eked, 1981 [Kadish Ve-Shirim Acherim]
15 Crazy Rain Sonnets, Eked, 1983 [15 Sonetot Geshem Metorafot]
Foliage, Ekked, 1986 [Alva]
Canaanite Night, Schocken, 1987 [Layla Kna'ani]
Bread and Longing, Eked, 1990 [Lechem Ve-Ga'agu'im]
Gray Kite, Seam of Light, Eked, 1991 [Afifon Afor, Tefer Ha-Or]
Windows, Balcony, Backyard, Ophir, 1993 [Chalonot Mirpeset, Chatzer Achorit]
Letters to Bergen Belsen; Breath, Tag, 1995 [Michtavim Le-Bergen Belsen: Machzor Shirim; Neshima: Machzor Shirim]
Welcome Upon Your Return Lovely Country, Gvanim, Tag, 1999 [Shalom Rav Suvech Eretz Nechmedet]
Opening: New and Selected Poems 1973-2005, Keshev, 2006 [Petach Davar: Mivchar Shirim 1973-2005]
Wind-Chimes, Flutes of Light: Poems and Translated Poems, Keshev, 2010 [Pa'amonei Ruach, Chalilei Or: Shirim Ve-Targumei Shira]
As You Walk in the Field, Keshev, 2015 [Be-Lechtecha Ba-Sadeh: Shirim 2010-2015]

Aztec Motorcyclist Now, Elishar, 1984; Yaron Golan, 1990 [Achshav Ofanoan Azteki: Mitos Prati 1977]

Oded Peled