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Miriam Yalan-Shteklis

Miriam Yalan-Stekelis (1900-1983) was born in Kremenchug, Russia, the daughter of a Zionist leader who came from a long line of rabbis. Thus she learned Hebrew as a small child. After the failed 1905 revolution, the family traveled from one place to another: Berlin, Minsk, Petrograd, and Kharkhov. Yalan-Stekelis studied humanities at the University of Kharkhov, continued at the College of Judaic Studies in Berlin, and then studied library science in Paris in 1928. In 1920 she settled in Jerusalem and in 1929, after her studies in France, she joined the National University Library. She spent the next 30 years as director of the Slavic department.
Yalan-Stekelis established herself as a children's writer in 1939. She wrote poetry, fiction and songs, edited, and translated from Russian, Yiddish and English to Hebrew. She received the 1956 Israel Prize for Children's Literature.

Books Published in Hebrew
Hurry, Hurry Dwarfs!, 1939 [Atzu Ratzu Gamadim]
Danny, 1943 [Danny]
Rain, 1944 [Geshem]
Tol-Tol and His Sand, 1944 [Tol-Tol Ba'al Ha-Hol]
The Journey to the Island of Maybe (children), Am Oved, 1944; Dvir. 1952; Zmora-Bitan/ Dvir, 2014 [Ha-Masa El Ha-Ee Ulay]
The Girl Millik and Aunt Phillik, 1945 [Ma'ase Ba-Yaldah Millik U Ba-Doda Phillik]
Once There Was a Girl, 1946 [Ma'aseh Be-Yaldah]
How Songs Come to the Heart, 1947 [Eich Ba'im Shirim Le-Lev Ha-Adam]
The Story of a Curtain, Paris, 1952 [Ma'aseh Be-Parochet]
Bimmi, 1953 [Bimmi]
Birthday, Dvir, 1962 [Yom Huledet]
Wheels, Hadar 1957 [Galgalim]
Kid's Song, Dvir, 1958-63 [Shir Ha-Gdi]
I Have a Secret, Dvir, 1958-63 [Yesh Li Sod]
In My Dream, Dvir, 1958-63 [Be-Halomi]
Lies?, Ekked, 1966 [Sheker?]
Two Legends, Dvir, 1972 [Shtei Agadot]
Brave Danny and Other Poems, 1975 [Danny Gibor Ve-Shirim Aherim]
A Paper Bridge, 1978 [Gesher Shel Niyar]
Life and Words, Kiryat Sefer, 1978 [Hayim Ve-Milim]
A Paper Bridge (children), [Hebrew & Spanish], The Translator, 1977 [Gesger Shel Neyar]  

Books in Translation
Selected Poems
French: Jerusalem, Dept, de la Jeunesse du Keren Hayesod, 1946
Russian: Tel Aviv, Am Oved, 1966

A Paper Bridge
Spanish: Jerusalem, Miriam Yalan-Shteklis & Esther Solay-Levy, 1977

The Journey to the Maybe Island
Arabic: Jerusalem, Al-Sharq, 1972

Miriam Yalan-Shteklis

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