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Harold Schimmel

Harold Schimmel was born in 1935 in New Jersey, USA. He immigrated to Israel in 1962 and has lived in Jerusalem ever since. Schimmel has taught English and American literature at universities in Jerusalem, Haifa, Tel Aviv and California. He has translated collections of the poetry of Uri Zvi Greenberg, Avot Yeshurun and Yehuda Amichai. Schimmel has published several of his poems in English; his first Hebrew poem appeared in 1967.            

Books Published in Hebrew             
The Poems, Get That, 1968 [Ha-Shirim]
Songs of the Zion Hotel, Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 1974 [Shirei Malon Tzion]
Arah 1-8, Siman Kriah, 1979 [Ar'ah Alef-Het]
Lowell, Hadarim, 1986 [Lowell]            
The Book Midrash Tadshei, Am Oved, 1993 [Sefer Midrash Tadshei]            
Poem, Bitan, 1995 [Noche'ah]
Library, Even Hoshen, 1999 [Ha-Sifriya]
Chaff, Even Hoshen, 2008 [Kash]
Qasida, Carmel, 2009 [Katzida]
The Phone Attached to the Wall of the Synagogue: Selected Poetry, Helicon, 2014 [Ha-Telefon Ha-Tzamud Le-Kir Beit Ha-Kneset: Mivchar Shirim]

Books Published  in English 
First Poems, Lecce, Edizioni Milella, 1962 

Books in Translation            
From Island to Island (Selected Poems)            
English: Jerusalem/ South Kent, CT, Ibis, 1997 
Qasida (essay) 
English: Jerusalem/ South Kent, CT, Ibis, 1997