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Shin Shalom

Shin Shalom (Shalom Joseph Shapira) (1904-1990), was born in Parczew, Poland, to a Hassidic family. He received a religious and secular education in his grandfather`s Hassidic "court," which moved to Vienna in the wake of World War I. There he began to write poetry, at first in German and then solely in Hebrew. In 1922 some 30 members of his family immigrated to Jerusalem, where Shalom attended a teachers seminary. In 1926 he joined those members of his family who founded Kfar Hassidim and worked there as a teacher. From 1930 to 1931 he taught and studied in Nuremberg. He dedicated himself entirely to writing and literature from 1939 until his death.
An author of both poetry and prose, Shalom received several literary awards and was president of the Hebrew Writers Association.

Books Published in Hebrew             
In the Heart of the World, Tarbut, 1927 [Be-Lev Ha-Olam]
Who?, Hashahar, 1930 [Mi?]
Sonnets, Davar, 1934 [Pele Gomea]
From Inside the Flame, Udim, 1936 [Mi-Toch Ha-Lehavah]
The Book of Poems and Sonnets, Davar, 1940 [Sefer Ha-Shirim Ve Ha-Sonetot]    
Onn the Wonder, Adi, 1940 [Onn Ben Pele]
Face to Face, Bialik Institute, 1941 [Panim El Panim]            
World in Flames, Udim, 1944 [Olam Be-Lehavot]
The Sabbath of the World, Yavneh, 1945 [Shabat Ha-Olam]
The Weeping Tree, Yavneh, 1946 [Ilan Bachut]
Poems, Yavneh, 1949 [Shirim]
We Were Like Dreamers, Yavneh, 1954 [Haynu Ke-Holmim]
Selected Poems, Dvir, 1956 [Mivhar Shirim]
Between Blue and White, Bialik Institute, 1958 [Beyn Tchelet Le Lavan]
Poems for the Independence of Israel, Yavneh, 1958 [Shirei Komemiyut Israel]
Shin Shalom`s Poetry, Yavneh, 1961 [Shirat Shin Shalom]
The Book of Roee`s Life, Megilot, 1963 [Sefer Hayei Roee]
Selected Poems, Yachdav, 1968 [Yalkut Shirim]
The Secret Light, Ekked, 1976 [Ha-Or He-Ganuz]
Poems After Midnight, Ekked, 1979 [Shirim Aharei Hatzot]
Non-Crystal, Am Oved, 1984 [Al-Gavish]
The Poems on the Sea, Ekked, 1987 [Ha-Shirim Shel Ha-Yam]
Book of Joy, Ekked, 1989 [Sefer Ha-Simhah]
Poems, Ekked, 1989 [Shirei Tanach]
The End of the Dove, Legacy Foundation Publication, 1994 [Aharit Ha-Yonah]             

The Second Hand (stories), Gazit, 1942 [Ha-Yad Ha-Shniah]
High Voltage (stories & play), R. Mass, 1956 [Be-Metah Gavoah]
The Candle Still Burns (novel), Yavneh, 1952 [Ha-Ner Lo Kavah]
Children, Today`s a Festival, Ever, 1944 [Hag Li Ha-Yom]
Highest Star, Yavneh, 1972 [Kochav Ha-Tkumah]
Writings, Yavneh, 1966-1974 [Ketavim]
The Collected Work of Shin Shalom (24 vols), Yavneh, 1979-1990

Performed Plays
Shots Over the Kibbutz (1940)            
The Land (1942)
Saul, King of Israel (1944)            
Dan the Watchman (1945)            
The World`s Sabbath and Joseph`s Cave (1987)            

Books in Translation
Selected Poems
Spanish: Buenos Aires, Editorial Israel, 1946            
German: Tel Aviv, Eked, 1986; 1989            
English: Tel Aviv, Eked, 1985; Haifa, Israel Maritime League, 1981
French: Haifa, Israel Maritime League, 1983            

Onn Ben Peleh            
English: Jerusalem, WZO, 1963; Haifa, Israel Maritime League, 1982
Songs and Ballads            
Yiddish: Tel Aviv, I.L. Peretz, 1964            

Storm Over Galilee            
Spanish: Buenos Aires, Editorial Israel, 1946            
English:Tel Aviv, Eked, 1984            
German: Heidelberg, Drei Brücken Verlag, 1954; Hanover, Schoenbach, 1990  

Shin Shalom

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