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Tamar Verete-Zehavi

Tamar Verete-Zehavi was born in 1959 in Jerusalem, where she now lives with her family. She studied education, psychology and psychoanalysis at the University of Paris VII where she received a Ph.D for her study of socio-political images in children. Verete-Zehavi has worked for many years in Education-for-Tolerance between Jews and Arabs. Together with Abedalsalam Yunis, she has published two bilingual children's books, and has won - together with him - the Jerusalem Foundation Award for Furthering Tolerance in the city. Verete-Zehavi was also awarded an Andersen Honor Citation (2016).
Tamar Verete-Zehavi

Books Published in Hebrew

Monn’s Rebellion (youth) , Hakibbutz Hameuchad/ Sifriat Poalim, 2018 [Ha-Mered shel Monn]
Rosie’s Song (youth) , Yedioth Ahronoth, 2017 [Ha-Shir Shel Rosie]
Rim, the Girl from Ein Hud [with Abedalsalam Yunis] (children), Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 1999 [Rim Ha-Yalda Mi-Ein-Hud]. Bilingual: Hebrew-Arabic
Yusefʹs Dream [with Abedalsalam Yunis] (children), Am Oved, 2003 [Ha-Halom Shel Yusef]. Bilingual: Henrew-Arabic
Aftershock (youth) , Am Oved, 2007 [Sruta]
Juggling in Jerusalem (youth) , Am Oved, 2008 [Salta Leachor]
Martin: The Story of Martin Luther King (youth), Am Oved, 2010 [Martin: Sipur Chayav Shel Martin Luther King]
Gandhi: The Story of Mahatma Gandhi (youth), Am Oved, 2011 [Gandhi: Sipur Chayav Shel Mahatma (Mohandas) Gandhi]
The Smell of Fear (youth), Am Oved, 2012 [La-Pahad Yesh Reiah]
Wangari: The Story of Wangari Matthai (youth), Am Oved, 2013 [Wangari: Sipur Chayeha Shel Wangari Matthai, Ha-Isha She-Natʹa Arbaim Milyon Etzim]
Mandela: The Story of Nelson Mandela (youth), Am Oved, 2014 [Mandela: Sipur Chayav Shel Nelson Mandela]
Mulou and Tsagai (children), Kinneret, 2014 [Mulu Ve-Tzagay]
It's Me Uncle Tom (youth), Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 2017 [Ze Ani Ha-Dod Tom]
The Woman Who Changed America: The Life of Harriet Beecher Stow (youth), Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 2017 [Ha-Isha She-Shinta Et America: Sipur Chayeha Shel Harriet Beecher Stow]

Books in Translation

German: Munich, Bertelsmann/cbt, 2009
Italian: Casale Monferrato, Sonda, 2010

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