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Haviva Pedaya

Haviva Pedaya, poet, author and cultural critic was born in Jerusalem in 1965 to a family of rabbis and kabbalists and lives in Beersheba. She studied at the Hebrew University and the School of Visual Arts in Jerusalem. Pedaya is at present professor of Jewish history at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, and head of the Elyachar Center for Sephardi Heritage. She has published articles on religion, sociology, art, history, and mysticism as well as three full-length studies and three volumes of poetry. She is also involved in musical and artistic projects, and founded the Yonah Ensemble which has succeeded in revitalizing liturgical and mystical music of the Near East. Pedaya has won many awards, among them the Harry Harshon Award, the Warburg Prize, the Bernstein Prize for Poetry (1997) and the President`s Prize for Poetry (2004).
Haviva Pedaya

Books Published in Hebrew

From a Sealed Ark (poetry), Am Oved, 1996 [Mi-Teiva Stuma]
Birthing of the Anima (poetry), Am Oved, 2002 [Motza Ha-Nefesh]
The Eye of the Cat (novel) , Am Oved, 2008 [Be-Eyn He-Chatul]
Bloodʹs Ink (poetry), Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 2009 [Dyo Ha-Adam]
Imprints (stories), Yedioth Ahronoth, 2014 [Chotamot]
Early and Late (poetry), Gama, 2015 [Mukdamim U-Meucharim]
The Hell Is Paradise in Reverse Gear (poetry), Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 2016 [Ha-Geihinom Hu Gan Eden Be-Revers]
Name and Sanctuary in the Teaching of R. Isacc the Blind, Magnes, 2001 [Ha-Shem Ve-Ha-Mikdash Be-Mishnat R. Yitzhak Sagi Nehor: Iyun Mashve Be-Chitvei Rishonei Ha-Mekubalim]
Vision and Speech: Models of Revelatory Experience in Jewish Mysticism, Los Angeles: Kruv, 2002 [Ha-Marʹe Ve-Ha-Dibur: Iyun Be-Tivʹa Shel Havayat Ha-Hitgalut Ba-Mistorin Ha-Yehudi]
Nahmanides: Cyclical Time and Holy Text, Am Oved, 2003 [Ha-Ramban: Hitalut - Zman Mahzori Ve-Tekst Kadosh]
Expanses: An Essay on the Theological and Political Unconscious, Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 2011 [Merhav U-Makom: Masa Al Ha-Lo-Muda Ha-Teiologi-Polity]
Walking Through Trauma: Rituals of Movement in Jewish Myth, Mysticism and History, Resling, 2011 [Halicha She-Meʹever La-Trauma: Mistica, Historya Ve-Ritual]
The Piyyut as a Cultural Prism, Hakibbutz Hameuchad, The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, 2013 [Ha-Piyut Ke-Tzohar Tarbuty: Kivunim Chadashim Le-Havanat Ha-Piyut U-Le-Havnayato Ha-Tarbutit]
Kabbalah and Psychoanalysis, Yedioth Ahronoth, 2015 [Kabbalah U-Psicho'analiza: Masa Pnimi Be-Ikvot Ha-Mistika Ha-Yehudit]
Return of the Lost Voice, Hakibbutz Hameuchad 2016 [Shivato Shel Ha-Kol Ha-Goleh: Zehut Mizrachit, Po'etika, Muzika U-Merchav]

Books in Translation

French: Waterloo, Avant-Propos, 2017
French [
Contes des miroirs brisés]: Waterloo, Avant-Propos, 2015