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Ruvik Rosental

Ruvik (Reuven) Rosental, journalist, author and editor, was born in Tel Aviv in 1945 and still lives there today. He writes for the mass circulation daily Maariv and has also been editor of the op-ed section. He is the chairman of journalism studies at the Open University and editor of the Teachers' Association periodical, Panim. His weekly column, "The Language Arena", makes him Israel's best-known writer on language in the media, and he is often interviewed on language issues on TV and the radio. Rosental was awarded the Sokolov Prize for Journalism (2004) and the Rishon LeZion Prize for Creativity in Hebrew Language (2014).

Ruvik Rosental

Books Published in Hebrew

The Kibbutz in the Age of Doubt (non-fiction), Sifriat Poalim, 1980 [Ha-Kibbutz Be-Idan Ha-Safek]
Silent Scream, the Life and Death of Eran Shacham (non-fiction), Sifriat Poalim, 1987 [Tza`aka Shketa: Cha`iav Ve-Moto Shel Eran Shacham]
The Beaufort Family (non-fiction), Sifriat Poalim, 1989 [Mishpachat Ha-Befor]
Kafr Kassem Massacre: Myth and History (non-fiction), Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 2000 [Kfar Kassem: Iruim Ve-Mitos]
The Language Arena, Portrait of the Israeli Hebrew (non-fiction), Am Oved, 2001 [Ha-Zira Ha-Leshonit: Diukan Ha-Ivrit Ha-Israelit]
Is Bereavement Dead? (non-fiction), Keter, 2001 [Haim Ha-Shchol Met?]
Uncle Erich (novel) , Keter, 2003 [Rechov Ha-Prachim 22]
The Joy of Language (non-fiction), Am Oved, 2004 [Chedvat Ha-Lashon]
Dictionary of Israeli Slang, Keter, 2005 [Milon Ha- Slang Ha- Mekif]
The Lexicon of Life, Keter, 2007 [Ha-Lexicon Shel Ha-Chaim]
Dictionary of Hebrew Idioms and Phrases, Keter, 2009 [Milon Ha-Tzeirufim]
Days of Light and Magic: A Hundred and One Tales of the Early Years of Tel Aviv, Yedioth Ahronoth, 2009 [Ha-Or Ve-Ha-Kesem: Tel-Aviv Shel Paʹam - 101 Sipurim]
The Miraculous Journey to the Land of Words (children), Keter, 2011 [Ha-Masa Ha-Mufla Le-Eretz Ha-Milim]
The Miraculous Journey to the Castle of the No (children), Keter, 2012 [Ha-Masa Ha-Mufla La-Achuzat Lo Ha-Gdola]
Noam's Shop of Words (children-picture bk), Keter, 2014; 2017 [Chanut Ha-Milim Shel Noam]
Soldier's Muse: The Unofficial Dictionary of the Israeli Army, Keter, 2015 [Sefer Ha-Pazamnik: Ha-Milon Ha-Tzva'i Ha-Lo Rishmi]
The Alphabet War (children), Keter, 2017 [Milchemet Ha-Otiyot]

Books in Translation

Italian: Florence, Giuntina, 2006

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