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David Tarbay

David Tarbay was born in Budapest in 1977 to a literary family and immigrated to Israel with his mother in 1992. Tarbay received a musical education; he also has a BA in screenwriting from Tel Aviv University's department of film and television. Today, he writes in both Hungarian and Hebrew and translates in both languages, most notably authors Tibor Dery and Peter Nedas into Hebrew. He has composed and produced jazz as well as classical music, and has written literary and music reviews. Tarbay has published fiction and a short screenplay. He received the President's Prize for Young Writers for Stalker (2005) and the Prime Minister's Prize (2016). 

David Tarbay

Books Published in Hebrew

Adonis (novel), Gvanim, 2001 [Adonis]
Stalker (novel) , Am Oved, 2004 [Stalker]
The Emperorsʹ Dream (novel), Keter, 2010 [Ha-Keisarim Holmim]
The Outsiders (novel), Keter, 2014 [Ha-Ma'avarim Ha-Meusharim]

Books in Translation

Hungarian: Budapest, Kortars Kiado, 2004

Hungarian: Budapest, Kortars Kiado, 2001


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