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Amalia Rosenblum

עמליה רוזנבלום

Amalia Rosenblum, a writer and psychologist, was born in New York in 1974 and grew up in the Jewish-Arab city of Jaffa, a captivating and polarized environment that often figures in her writing. At age 18, Rosenblum returned to New York, graduated valedictorian of her class at CCNY and received a Ph.D. in psychology from The New School for Social Research. Her work as an extern at the psychiatric ward at Beth Israel Medical Center inspired a short story that was later published in Granta: Hebrew. She moved back to Tel Aviv in her 30s where she lives, writes and works as a therapist today.

Rosenblum began writing at a very early age. Her latest novel, Saul Searching (Keter, 2020), topped the bestseller list for over three months and received critical acclaim. Rosenblum was co-writer of two prime-time TV dramas centering on romantic and familial relationships. She writes a weekly column in Haaretz, in which she discusses hotly debated topics based on insights from her work with couples.

Her books have been translated into German (Beltz & Gelberg) and Italian (Salani).

Photo by: Vardi Kahana

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